Don’t miss these EOS airdrops
Don’t miss these EOS airdrops

Don’t miss these EOS airdrops

By Aneta Karbowiak - 23 Jun 2018

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Don’t miss these EOS airdrops: The EOS blockchain has just launched and is already populated by many applications and has many wallets and tools for exploring blocks and accounts.

Don’t miss these EOS airdrops: Leggi qui l’articolo in Italiano’s official hardware wallet is on its way and will be the first wallet to sign transactions with the fingerprint system included in the iPhone.

EOS solves the main problems associated with the blockchain’s overall efficiency such as transaction speed, scalability, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

The latter is reflected in the ability to freeze and make changes in applications that cause problems.

These features are among the main factors for which developers and companies decide to build applications on EOS.

Among other things, airdrops are the new model that is supposed to replace ICOs because it is not exposed to the risk of regulation by, for example, the SEC

The airdrops that are given to EOS owners are, among other things, the first resource that gives value to EOS tokens as each of these airdrops will acquire value together with the network.

Being aware of all snapshot dates and airdrop dates is a rather difficult task, so the Cryptonomist has created this guide to collect all the information in one place.

While some airdrops have already been made as in the case of eosDAC, EVO, KEOS or Carmel others are still available and the most anticipated are definitely the IQ tokens of Everipedia, ONO and RIDL of Scatter.

To avoid scams of which the ICO world is full, it is recommended not to share your private key ever with anyone offering airdrops.

Valid airdrops usually do not require any type of registration.

EOS Tribe, the EOS Block Producer has made an infographic that represents the timeline of the most important airdrops that will take place in 2018.

eos airdrops



ONO is a decentralized social media company created by a Chinese company and the airdrop for all EOS token holders is in June. The date of the snapshot was taken on June 2 and users will receive ONOT tokens in the ratio 1:1.


MEET is an EOS ecosystem service portal to help users easily manage and exchange EOS ecological resources, participate in node voting, publish the status and information of all nodes, provide a platform for crowdfunding and disseminate community news and information.

Over the years, the MEET team has accumulated a wealth of experience in the design and management of community products with over 100 million users. Meet.One’s airdrop started on June 11th and the ratio is 2 EOS : 1 MEET.


Angelwings will be a DAC that will allow donations to be made to recipients around the world. Users will have the opportunity to add a donation company by staking their tokens. Thanks to, users will be assured that all their funds will be received by the recipient of the donation.

The details of the snapshot, the report and the date of the airdrop are still to be announced.


It is a decentralized exchange on EOS and the airdrop was done from June 10 to 15 so you should find the KEN tokens in your wallet. The ratio is 1 KEN for each EOS.


Lab Ledger is a platform for researchers whose creators and curators of scientific content are paid with LAB tokens. Its purpose is to promote scientific progress through the funding of projects. The airdrop is scheduled for 21 June, but the snapshot has already taken place on 21 May.  Who had registered the account before that date will find 1 LAB for each EOS.


Scatter is another very good airdrop. Scatter acts as a tool for recording the identity and as a container for the user’s private keys, so users can sign various transactions without their keys being displayed.

The snapshot was made on June 1st and each EOS holder received 40 RIDL tokens on the day the mainnet was launched.

EOS Sports Bets

It is a DAC created for sports betting lovers that will release a platform on which it will be possible to create odds to be taken into account by other users. No action is required for this airdrop, but users who want to earn an additional 1000 BSE can register to spread the word about this DAC.

The snapshot was taken on 2 June and the indicated date of the airdrop is 15 June. For each EOS the user will receive 1 ESB.


Atidium is a decentralized payment and budget management application for individuals and businesses operating on the EOS blockchain.

The snapshot of the blockchain was taken on June 1 and the airdrop is scheduled for June 28 with the ratio 1:1 to all EOS owners who had registered the account.


Everipedia is an online encyclopedia and the equivalent of Wikipedia on the EOS blockchain. It is the most anticipated airdrop of all these listed here. All token holders who had registered their addresses by 2 June are entitled to the IQ token. There are exchanges that have announced support for the token. The airdrop is still ongoing and the ratio is 5.1 IQ : 1 EOS.


The real-time strategy with real commercial and economic relations of Massive Multiplayer (MMORTES). A first airdrop in which 10,000 people can earn up to 40 PGL tokens will be reserved for those who register with the Telegram group of Prospectors before June 30. If you bring a friend, 10 more PGL tokens and 30 more PGL tokens are given if you follow their Twitter page. The date of the airdrop is set for 30 June.


It is a decentralised Global Payroll portal that enables companies to exchange encrypted private data with international payroll providers using blockchain technology.

The airdrop will be based on the genesis snapshot that took place on June 2. The date is 30 June and the ratio is 1:1.

EOS Cafe

EOS Cafe is a DAC driven by the owners of BEANS, whose purpose is to educate on EOS, improve infrastructure and invest in decentralized applications to improve the entire EOS network. The date of the snapshot is unknown, but the BEANS airdrop is expected to be in July 2018 with 1:1 ratio.


It is a platform for sharing knowledge about blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency world. By teaching, studying or sharing the topic, users receive tokens in exchange. The airdrop will take place on August 30th and will be distributed to all token owners who had registered their account before June 2nd.  50 million tokens will be donated.


HireVibes offers a DApp that allows people to find work with the help of crowds through targeted and private referrals. The airdrop will be received by all EOS owners within 90 days from the launch of the mainnet.


YAIR collaborates with great artists to produce digital works, mainly AR and VR and its aim is to take the value of art and protect it with blockchain technology, making it available to a global community of collectors, dealers and enthusiasts. YAIR tokens unlock access to the work of art and represent a percentage of the work of art itself. The airdrop is expected to occur in the third half of the year with a ratio of 1 YAIR : 2 EOS.


eDNA tokens are redeemable for DNA sequencing services, in addition to permanent DNA storage on the EOS blockchain in the non-deterministic secure eDNA portfolio, as well as membership of the eDNA community. eDNA believes that in the future DNA will have more power than money and that is why it aims to put human DNA control in the hands of people and not of governments and corporations.

Airdrop includes all registered (and unregistered) EOS token holders holding 100 or more EOS without any action required by the holders. The list of which accounts receive tokens has been compiled using Genesis Snapshot from EOS authority. Users with less than 100 EOS will be able to receive the airdrop if they fill in the form by July 31st. The ratio will be 1:1 and the airdrop will be in Q3 in 2018.


It is the first EOS DApp dedicated to gambling and betting. The platform has low house commissions, offers free bets and equally demonstrable results. It offers dice and slot machines and plans to continually develop additional games. Tokens will be distributed to all token holders. Registration is not required, but additional tokens will be distributed to those who do certain actions such as dice and slots players or to those who contribute in the bankroll. The details concerning the airdrop are still to be outlined. The airdrop took place on 14 June.


It is a DAC made by individuals who believe in mankind and want to revolutionize the way men interact and help those who are well-meaning. It is a DApp that donates tokens to those who have done good deeds. Users can earn tokens by validating these good acts.

The snapshot took place on June 2nd and the airdrop will take place with the ratio 6 KARMA : 1 EOS in June, but the precise date has not yet been set.

Aneta Karbowiak

Graduated in Biology from the University of Genova, she was soon interested in the development of mobile applications and chatbots. She entered the publishing world as manager of an English sports website where she managed a team of ten people. Passionate about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, she began writing for Qubithacker.

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