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Australia exchange, Huobi expands its activities

Australia exchange, Huobi expands its activities: Huobi, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by transaction volume, today launched a new platform in Australia with a limited set of crypto-assets available for trading with the Australian dollar (AUD).

Despite the token list expansion plan, the exchange does not seem to be the main purpose of the company.

Huobi, as stated by CEO Harrison, aims to establish itself on the continent in view of the growth of projects related to blockchain technology.

Through its investment arm Huobi Capital, the consulting service Huobi Labs and its Global Ecosystem Fund, the company want to invest two hundred million dollars into the project.

“Crypto-traders in Australia are increasingly competent and sophisticated, coupled with a receptive regulator with an interest in developing the market securely.

For Huobi Group, the transfer to Australia is a natural choice for our technically sound platform.” said Mr Harrison, CEO of Huobi Australia. “We are keen on collaborating with the growing number of Australian blockchain projects that we consider to be a market in strong growth”.

Huobi has already partnered with Blockchain Global, a blockchain technology investment and consulting company.

The interests of the two companies are intertwined as they both have connections to mining pools and exchanges.

Both Huobi and Blockchain Global aim for the same market share that, it is estimated, has 312 thousand users in Australia, the union of the two forces could have a positive effect on the increase of the users themselves.

Aneta Karbowiak
Aneta Karbowiak
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