Crypto Special, Monty Interviews Giacomo Zucco
Crypto Special, Monty Interviews Giacomo Zucco

Crypto Special, Monty Interviews Giacomo Zucco

By Claudio Kaufmann - 23 Jul 2018

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Today, July 23rd, Marco Montemagno, in art Monty, presents his “Crypto Special”, a series of cryptocurrency and blockchain themed videos explaining this world to those who want to know more about the sector.

The first episode sees the participation of Giacomo Zucco, founder of BlockchainLab and top expert of Bitcoin who debunks the top 5 blockchain myths, so people can better understand the revolution of blockchain technology and not fall into the trap of fake news that surrounds the industry.

This is a new educational initiative that sees the collaboration between Monty, Eidoo and Cryptonomist.

Next guests will include Thomas Bertani from Eidoo, Gip Cutrino from Sgame and many more.

Watch here the first video of the series “Special Crypto” by Marco Montemagno.

English version coming soon (the video will be subtitled):


Claudio Kaufmann

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