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The first Bcademy meetup, 7 September 2018


BCADEMY, the Academy located in the city of Pordenone dedicated to teaching skills related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, is pleased to announce the Meetup that will take place Friday, September 7, 2018, in the prestigious location of Villa Cattaneo, (Via Villanova di Sotto, 16).

The event will be dedicated to the analysis and sharing of the experience that has seen Bcademy participate as a sponsor at the international event BUILDING ON BITCOIN held on 3 and 4 July in Lisbon.

“Building on Bitcoin” is an event dedicated to the Bitcoin universe that pays particular attention to the research and development sector; it registered a very high percentage of participants from different sectors of the labour market, gathered to share and reflect on the vastness of the scenarios offered by cryptocurrencies.

The Meetup intends to take up the fundamental issues that emerged during the conference, helping a wide audience to understand the challenges of the current market in the light of a deeper knowledge of the crypto world, essential to understand the deepest mechanisms and to be an active part of the complex changes in the economic scenario on a global scale.

In this context, Bcademy has played a leading role as the first and only European academy dedicated to higher education in this field, which has become of fundamental strategic importance in order to correctly interpret the current entrepreneurial, technological and financial phenomena related to the birth and affirmation of cryptocurrencies.

Bcademy is dedicated to the training of developers, programmers, analysts and security experts on aspects concerning cryptocurrencies and blockchains, as well as the transfer of skills in administrative, economic, financial and legal areas.

The Academy’s training offer also includes wide-ranging knowledge and skills on the entire fintech sector and an in-depth analysis of ethical and philosophical aspects, the history of the economy and of the monetary systems, and an analysis of the current national and international financial system.

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