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The top 10 best dApps on EOS

EOS is a relatively new project, but it soon outperformed its competitor Ethereum in terms of blockchain activity. But what are the best dApps on EOS? Who is in the top 10 of the EOS.io applications?

In just five months since its launch, the platform has seen the emergence of a large number of decentralized applications, mainly related to gambling and gaming, but also based on services such as communication, data service, security and privacy, identity and the labour market.

Here are the top 10 of the best EOS applications (not in order of rating):


BetDice is a decentralized application based on the principle of profit sharing.

BetDice has created a system of profit sharing through payments which are distributed, free of charge, to all users who have deposited their DICE tokens as security, i.e. staking.

According to DappRadar, BetDice is among the top five dApps on its list. The 24-hour transaction volume exceeds 3 million, placing BetDice in fourth place just below EOSBet, FarmEOS, PRA CandyBox and EOS Knights.

BetDice is, therefore, a rather popular dApp among users and anyone with an EOS account and Scatter can try it out.


In the top 10 of the EOS dApps, a spot is certainly reserved for Everipedia, the equivalent of Wikipedia on the blockchain, the first large dApp built on EOS.

It is an open source aggregator of knowledge that uses the IQ token to encourage users to create and maintain content. Everipedia allows users to become its stakeholders and earn a different rank depending on the contributions made.

After an amazing start that made the IQ token the most traded of all EOS.IO-based tokens, traffic on the dApp has declined. Despite this, Everipedia remains one of the most successful projects.

The difference with Wikipedia is the innovation that this application brings with it. The system of rewards in the form of IQ tokens, flexible rules, the inclusion of videos, photos and GIFs are among the main changes made to the online encyclopedia.


Karma differs from all others dApps built on the EOS blockchain.

The main goal of Karma is to reward people for their good deeds. The Karma token leverages good user behaviour, creating an exponential effect that creates a positive cycle. The founders of the EOS-based dApp believe that when people’s basic needs are satisfied, they begin to interact positively with others in a natural way. And that’s why stimulating these interactions is the main mechanism for creating a lasting, self-powered effect.

Karma is on EOS – now still in beta mode. Users receive tokens every time they share a photo or video of a good action, but that’s not limited to that. Karma tokens, in fact, can also be staked to earn more free tokens.


Bancor recently announced the launch of BancorX, the first cross-chain dApp. Thanks to BancorX users can convert Ethereum-based tokens to EOS-based tokens and vice versa. The conversion is done using the BNT smart token.

The ability to exchange tokens between the two largest smart contract platforms has a positive impact on liquidity and activity on both platforms. In addition to already having more than 120 tokens, BancorX also gives everyone the opportunity to integrate their own tokens into Bancor by staking them.


Unico, the first Italian dApp to use EOS, was impossible to exclude from the top 10 of the best EOS dApps. It is a project that allows content creators such as musicians, artists and celebrities to transform their creations into unique pieces through the use of blockchain technology. The dApp revolves around the concept of the so-called crypto-collectables that allows combining entertainment and investment on a single digital platform.

After the success of Cryptokitties, crypto-collectables have become very popular, but the choosing the Ethereum platform to launch the project has precluded the actual use of that application. Unico, although at the beginning was developed on Ethereum, decided to move the project to EOS. The Italian startup has found a whole series of interesting applications for the use of non-fungible NFT tokens and, thanks to these tokens, wants to be at the top of the EOS dApps for digital collectables.


Augmented reality has opened the door to a whole new digital world and Infiniverse has taken it to the EOS blockchain. The application is currently in the alpha version, but by the end of 2018 we should see it in beta. Infiniverse is a decentralized platform for augmented reality and the virtual world that allows users to bring digital content into the real world. These contents can then be seen and interacted with like in the real world.

The aim would be to create a parallel universe with a virtual economy that allows users to create virtual value, all this through the use of the Infinicoin that will be distributed to EOS token owners by the end of 2018.

On the Infiniverse platform, it will be possible to buy and sell land, exchange digital assets, create premium content, do work on behalf of third parties, create a virtual business and much more.


HireVibes is an open source labour market whose economy is governed and cultivated by the whole community. Employers can post job offers on the platform and find the right candidates with the help of the community that is rewarded with the HVT tokens.

Users are encouraged to find the best candidates because they can ask for a small commission from the authors of the job offer. Each job seeker earns 5% in HVT tokens every time they apply for a job vacancy. Every person who finds the right candidate for a job receives 5% in HVT on that person’s reward.


Passive gain has never been easier. Chintai is a dApp owned by the entire EOS community. With Chintai, EOS token owners can rent their tokens and earn a percentage based on rental duration and demand for CPU and NET resources.

Thanks to this, developers, dApps and users have access to low-cost network resources. What makes Chintai interesting and the reason it is in this top 10 dApps on EOS is the fact that it does not charge any kind of commission, has high liquidity and makes the leasing market transparent.

Thanks to leasing, developers will no longer need to buy large quantities of EOS tokens to ensure free use of applications for their users.

Zimbra X

The Zimbra email collaboration platform is still in beta testing phase, but it is one of the most important projects on EOS.

The dApp was created by Senator, a company listed on Nasdaq. In addition to specializing in email services, Zimbra also offers tools for contact management, a calendar, instant messaging and file sharing as well as additional components such as video conferencing, document creation and file storage. The main target audience of the platform are institutions, companies and governments.


Eva is an application that is called the Uber of the EOS blockchain.

Eva is a ride-sharing platform where passengers and drivers can use the decentralized network to organize urban transport and ensure the redistribution of the generated profits.

Thanks to this dApp, the driver earns 85% on each ride, drives when he wants and has advantages in the form of discounts that Eva shares with its members based on their participation in the ecosystem.

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