Affiliate Grand Slam heads to Manila for a new blockchain event
Affiliate Grand Slam heads to Manila for a new blockchain event

Affiliate Grand Slam heads to Manila for a new blockchain event

By Crypto Advertising - 5 Jan 2019

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In 2019 the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit will embark on the next exciting stage of its global expansion – Affiliate Grand Slam, a popular affiliate event, will this year be held in Manila, the Philippines, from 21st to 22nd March.

The all-inclusive event will provide ample opportunity for those in the business to forge the kind of deal-making handshakes that will shape the future of the industry in years to come.

Affiliates will be treated to several no-expense-spared evenings of fine dining and networking with like-minded denizens of the AI, IoT, and Blockchain sphere, as well as an occasion for meaningful debate over this emerging technology.

The increasingly competitive Asian region presents an impressive opportunity for those interested in making the most out of the fast-growing, regulated and soon-to-be-regulated markets on the continent. As such, the AGS is ideally positioned in the global calendar, with the event taking place back-to-back with the ASEAN Gaming Show.

The summit will focus on technological innovation and disruption in the Asian market, taking an introspective look at the convergence of gaming with DLT and block tech.  In line with this focus, the AGS will feature a conference dedicated to AI for Affiliates.

The AGS is sponsored by six operators and six suppliers.

Booking and sponsorship opportunities for this exclusive event are currently available, and interested parties can contact Laima and Claudia for further details.

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