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News Report Diar: EOS and Tron dominate decentralised gambling

The dApps on the Ethereum, EOS and Tron networks have been analysed in this third report of 2019 produced by Diar, in particular, the news is about decentralised gambling.

During 2018, a total of almost 13 billion dollars were traded on these three blockchains, while in this first part of 2019 these figures amount to 1.5 billion already. Of these 13, 7.6 billion were traded on the decentralised applications of the Ethereum network, especially on decentralised exchanges.

EOS began to register significant trading volumes on its dApps in June 2018 and, in the decentralised online gaming and betting market, has now gained dominance with more than 50% of the transaction volume.

In addition, in January 2019, EOS dApps now accounted for 55% of the total transaction volume, while Tron stood at 38%, leaving Ethereum with a meagre 6%.

In particular, it is gambling that dominates decentralised applications: 70% of the trading volume on EOS dApps comes from betting and gambling in general, while for Tron this percentage rises even above 95%.

On Ethereum, on the other hand, only 2% of the volume traded comes from betting or similar dApps, while the vast majority of trades come from DEXs, although it is declining.

Therefore, the 2018 success of the EOS and Tron dApps was mainly related to online games and betting, with a consequent overtaking of those of Ethereum in terms of trading volume.

This happened despite the fact that transactions on the Ethereum blockchain are still at record highs, which shows that the overtaking is not due to a decline in the use of this blockchain, but to a real boom in the use of EOS and Tron due to their dApps related to gambling.

The Diar report then concludes by assuming that this news does not represent a threat to the long-term development of the Ethereum network, also because, beyond gambling, this network continues to be used for the development of future projects.

Simply put, EOS and Tron have been able to open a new market – that of decentralised gambling – which is now literally dominating, but without significantly affecting existing dApps based on Ethereum.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
Born in 1975, Marco has been the first to talk about Bitcoin on YouTube in Italy. He founded ilBitcoin.news and the Facebook group" Bitcoin Italia (open and without scam) ".