5 Ways Multilingual White Paper Boosts ICO Success
5 Ways Multilingual White Paper Boosts ICO Success

5 Ways Multilingual White Paper Boosts ICO Success

By Kristin Savage - 27 May 2019

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GUEST POST by Kristin Savage, writer and expert in marketing strategy for publishers and authors

Every day more and more new projects and startups appear in the blockchain sphere. And the modern trend is such that instead of the usual venture financing, they are increasingly using ICO – crowdfunding technology to raise funds from investors and a multilingual white paper can be helpful in improving ICO visibility and increasing chances to get investments.

Two Main Tasks Before Launching an ICO Project

Each ICO startup has two tasks: to generate knowledge about the project and to attract investor interest. In the first case, the newly formed company needs to break through the wall of competitors, in the second – to prove that the startup is promising, and the founders are honest people.

It is impossible to cope with this task in one day. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a project for ICO for several months. During this time, the startup team must take its place in the crypto community, prove its worth and gather an audience.

The White Paper: Why Is It Important and What Benefits Do You Get by Making It Multilingual

White paper writing is one of the key stages of promoting and attracting investments. This is a very important detail since no one is interested in the project in the absence of a technically competent description of the technology.

A good white paper should disclose the problem and ways to solve it, and also contain information about the product itself, the implementation of the token, the team, the release of tokens and future plans. But when you make your white paper multilingual, you get even more opportunities and greater chances to be noticed on a global scale.

Multilingual White Paper Is a Chance to Make a Favorable Impression at the International Level

What role does white paper play from the investors’ point of view? They are the main target audience of projects, and a white paper creates the impression of a startup. The correct technical document shows the level of preparation of the team and the depth of their beliefs in the success of the project. It is the team that will undergo a thorough investigation by potential investors after reading the paper.

Thus, the white paper should present the thesis in several languages, convincingly built by the team in order to convey to readers from different countries the validity of the existence, commercial viability and technical sustainability of the project. These criteria must be met in order to earn the trust of all potential investors, and for many other things, if the project plans to participate in a full-fledged cryptocurrency marathon, competing with giants.

This Is an Opportunity to Prove the Honesty and Seriousness of Your Intentions

Ambiguous wording and misleading information will not pass a public exam in a cryptocurrency community. Several ICOs have already deceived investors, and discontent over such frauds is growing both inside and outside the community. The white paper helps protect against such unethical behavior.

Cryptocurrency international investors know how to identify suspicious projects only by analyzing white paper. Issues related to the financial needs of the ICO, the reliability of the technological architecture and the practical significance of the project should be clearly stated in the document.

Practice shows that the success (or failure) of the project depends largely on the technical documentation. If you are serious about your project, you should also take white paper seriously. And to give it the opportunity to become multilingual. For the reasons described above, an experienced investor will examine your technical documentation under a magnifying glass. Therefore, it makes sense to facilitate his task, thereby increasing your chances of success, and provide a quality document translated into his native language.

Multlingual White Paper Is a Way to Stay Within the Law but Still Convey Your Idea

The government of almost all countries is trying to introduce cryptocurrency into the framework of the law. This makes it difficult to implement an ICO in some countries. At the moment, the future of ICO is unknown.

However, it can already be said that the introduced state regulations regarding ICO  either do not work or have a negative impact.

For example, today it is quite difficult to work with investors from the United States and security tokens because of the decision made by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding the case of The DAO. In this case, it is possible to learn about the token only with White Paper. This is not the first and not the last attempt to regulate cryptocurrency. However, the white paper, especially the one translated and localized for several languages,  is still able to convey information to investors.

This Is an Opportunity to Launch a Multilingual Word of Mouth

In order to find out about your project, White Paper needs to be revived and presented to as many people as possible. Now, most developers prefer to post White Paper on the website of their project, where the ICO itself is then followed, and a link to the posted document can already be added to GitHub, as well as BitcoinTalk and other cryptocurrency forums. By making your white paper multilingual, you give it an opportunity to be read, analyzed and discussed by all the interested people speaking any languages. If your idea is truly the most innovative, a viral effect is ensured.

Multilingual White Paper Will Reach All the Target Audience Segments

Before you start writing, define your audience in terms of demographic, psychological and other aspects. In order to get closer to readers, it is important to understand their basic desires and needs.

Each language uses its own linguistic constructions. Therefore, it makes sense to pay close attention to the quality of the translation and localization of your white paper. For example, Pick Writers will be able to make your white paper as coherent as possible and prove your target audience that your products fit their needs.

Let us open you another small secret: marketers recommend and love to write in short and simple sentences then. At the same time, people more easily and quickly accept long sentences when it comes to complex scientific topics and technical studies.

One More Helpful Tip

In addition to White paper, you can prepare two more documents, which, of course, must also be multilingual. This is optional, but it will set you apart from other projects:

  • The FAQ is a rubric with the most popular startup questions and detailed answers to them.
  • The tutorial is a detailed guide to using the product or service.

Brief Summary

Summing up, it is important to pay attention to such factors:

  • The whitepaper is a kind of hybrid of technical documentation for a project, business plan, and commercial text.
  • Perfect White Paper should be backed by a good project.
  • The project model must match the existing team.
  • It is necessary to take into account the audience and adapt to their needs, including leveling the language barrier.

Therefore, make sure to do your best preparing the white paper for your project and give it a chance to gain global visibility by making it multilingual.

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