In a few hours, precisely at 1 PM (GMT+2), Marco Montemagno and Thomas Bertani, Director of Eidoo, will be live on the Facebook page of Montemagno for a Q&A on Facebook and Libra.

During the live broadcast, it will be possible to ask questions to the two experts in marketing and virtual currencies and clarify all the doubts related to the launch of Libra, the Facebook coin.

The Libra whitepaper was published yesterday and has aroused many questions since the issues and opportunities are still unclear and many people are disagreeing on defining the project as a real cryptocurrency or a mere virtual currency.

This new video continues the format “Crypto Special” created by Eidoo in collaboration with the web influencer as a way to discuss crypto, fintech and blockchain.

This is, in fact, the tenth episode of the series. Other episodes have seen interviews with Giampietro Cutrino of SgamePro, Lars Schlichting, CEO of Poseidon, Federico Izzi, BIG BIT analyst, and many others.

Click here to watch the live session and ask questions!