Paris Blockchain Summit is coming on October 18th
Paris Blockchain Summit is coming on October 18th

Paris Blockchain Summit is coming on October 18th

By Crypto Advertising - 25 Sep 2019

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All crypto sphere arrived in Paris. Second edition of Paris Blockchain Summit is coming on October 18th. PBS is the leading French event with an international dimension for the Blockchain industry key players.

Paris Blockchain Summit aims to foster the Blockchain industry in France who makes Blockchain as key technology for strategic development of the country. France will play a significant role for development of blockchain in Europe as an important Hub thanks to dedicated regulatory framework and specific investment fund.

Second edition is expected to follow the unprecedented success of the previous one, which brought Tone Vays, Huawei CTO Jorge Sebastiao, Rémy André Ozcan, french crypto MP Jean-Michel MIS and MEP Ivan Catalin, the Highness Emirati Prince Sheikh Khaled bin Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and other representatives from IBM, Dash, Consensys, Lamborghini and central banks.

Paris Blockchain Summit will gather international key players of the industry from 15 countries in one of the most swanky places of Paris, private island “Chalet de la Porte Jaune” : well-known influencers, investors, government representatives, professional investors, blockchain developers, law firms and many others for giving inspiring speeches and for sharing expertise. PBS will welcome thousands of enthusiasts in Paris during one day conferences (two stages), hands-on workshop, exhibition and exclusive announcement.

We expect passionate debate related to hot topics for the future of our industry such as :

    • Regulation : What is the French regulation state for Token Offering (ICO, STO, IEO, BRO …) ?
    • Marketing : How community marketing is a powerful tool to build and promote your product ?
    • Finance : Is cryptocurrency a new financial vehicle for companies to compete ?
    • Supply chain : What are the pros & cons for supply chain using distributed ledger system ?


  • Ecology: Can the Blockchain allow the construction of a more inclusive green economy and promote ecological actions?


Attendants will get an opportunity to interact and share ideas that will help them use and generate value from Blockchain technology. They will also discover some of the most promising companies preparing for high-profile token sales and also learn about exciting developments for the future of blockchain technology.

Join the largest event of its kind ever organized in France and pleasantly end up your business day by visiting one of the most beautiful city in the world!

For information about PBS’s upcoming conference please contact the team via email or follow PBS on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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