Crypto Expo Asia 2019: a new event
Crypto Expo Asia 2019: a new event

Crypto Expo Asia 2019: a new event

By Crypto Advertising - 9 Oct 2019

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CryptoExpo – Singapore is happy to present the event which is going to take place in the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on October 26, 2019.

 Inside the large interactive exhibit hall every visitor will get access to the newest crypto tools including the ones directly from fintech companies! CryptoExpo is an exhibition where companies present their services, new developments, brand new technologies and the latest trends of the industry to our visitors. Exhibition runs in parallel with educational seminars.

This event is a great opportunity for visitors to meet and talk to the best crypto experts and professionals from worldwide companies working with ICO, blockchains and cryptocurrency as well as to take part in the biggest show filled with experts, exhibitor booths, loungers and of course seminars, where educational speakers are going to share out their experience and to answer important and vital questions about the crypto-world. 

Not to mention that Crypto Expo Asia agenda is in line with the latest trends and developments of the industry and the expo-forum program is filled with entertainment, incredible shows, music, fantastic prizes and live performances.

Crypto Expo Asia in Singapore has a gorgeous list of speakers which are ready to blow the covers from essential questions of Crypto world.

Crypto Expo Asia is organized by FINEXPO, which is the largest company organizing financial and trading events, fairs, expos and shows worldwide since 2002. List of its projects seems quite long. Here you can find Financial Expo, Traders Fair, Traders Awards, Forex & Money Expo, Forex Expo Awards, Money Fair, Investor Expo, Golf Expo, Banking Expo, Online Trading Expo, etc. Over 30000 traders, investors and financial advisors and more than 3 000 financial companies and brokers from Forex, stock, option, bond crypto money and forward markets from all around the world have been connected by FINEXPO. FINEXPO events can help in positioning the company brand and engaging with business leaders and decision makers. The positive feedback from participants is the best proof of effective and successful work done by FINEXPO. 

Also Crypto Expo Asia is offering variants of accommodation, so you can focus on the agenda. To say more this event has 2 types of tickets – FREE (for specialists/visitors) and VIP. To find out more information and to register online – please visit the official website here.

Crypto Advertising
Crypto Advertising

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