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On July 25th, 2019, a group of currently anonymous entrepreneurs gathered. In the kitchen, chef Mario Iacomini who, among other specialities, served a Zuppa del Ministro, a dish in which 37 spices find balance by enhancing each other’s flavours. 

The setting is that of Osteria Futuro, a place somewhere between past and present, in the historic centre of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy; a place where biodiversity is preserved as a generational source of flavour thanks to the use of Italian ancient grains such Grano Solina. 

dindicash crypto menu

During the evening, the walls of the restaurant, a building from the 1600s enriched over the years by frescoes and sculptures, have exhibited their best appearance, in response to the vibrations of music egregiously mixed by Paul Jockey.

Among the songs, Burak Yeter and Cecilia Krull, soundtrack of the Casa de Papel and Animals by Martin Garrix, all to brighten the evening whose intent was the creation of a New Economy in which, thanks to the remuneration of Digital Advertising, what some call UBI = Universal Basic Income, a system based on credit and not on debt where companies and users accept codes of conduct and receive incentives. 

dindicash crypto menu

The guests’ considerations placed at the base of the project: first of all that real wealth is not a ship full of gold. Paradoxically, one could starve to death by having only that.  Wealth, on the other hand, lies in diversity, in valuing it and managing it. 

For this reason, small and large companies can participate in the growth of the DINDICASH system bringing their added value in a 3.0 barter, where the currency, as indicated in the DECLARATION OF INTENT, is only a neutral veil born to manage, fuel and encourage real exchanges.  

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