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Bitcoin People, the community where you can find your answers about BTC

In Brescia, Italy, a group of young and enthusiastic people have gathered themselves to support the ongoing ​bitcoin mass adoption by helping everyone understand the bitcoin fundamentals and to experience securely the variety of solutions that the technology is providing. This community is called Bitcoin People.

Nowadays, the market is getting crowded with plenty of new platforms, centralised payment systems, cold and hot storage solutions, bank accounts connected to plastic cards, etc. It is getting harder for the simple end consumer to identify the perfect fit for his/her needs. In the long Terms & Conditions documentation that we blindly tend to “accept”, there are also some hidden risks that are not always clearly stated or are simply hard to be identified as “a risk” by a less experienced user.

Bitcoin People is the first group of people in the area that is providing consultancy, research and development with dedicated teams of software engineers, technicians, trainers, lawyers and experts who could guide you to discover Bitcoin at your own pace and in a completely comprehensive language. Bitcoin People’s mission is to “decode” the highly technological innovation and the idea behind it in order to create more awareness among the end consumers and small businesses.

Doesn’t matter what your level of competency is, ​Bitcoin People can help you understand how to use bitcoin as a store of value, to buy it or sell it, to implement it as a service in your small shop, big business or just to learn the last novelties about the technology itself. All this will take place during the variety and diverse workshops and mini training sessions that the group is planning to organise on a regular basis for different audiences, based on their expertise and understanding of the technology.

Bitcoin People have brought their knowledge together with the end goal to help every single person in choosing the “perfect fit” solution and at the same time to keep full control of their bitcoin investments. Bitcoin People are specialised in providing consultancy to people and businesses who are keen on taking educated and well informed decisions about their future bitcoin investments. The young and enthusiastic team of bitcoin experts are providing full awareness about the pros and cons and what is the added value when choosing a specific solution over another. The team is well informed and aware of all the best products and services, including all details and specifics in the Terms and Conditions, the hidden risks and the potential complications that may occur. ​

Bitcoin People are openly stating the potential challenges well in advance in order to avoid any losses or lack of integration with regards to your bitcoin investment. Whether you simply want to buy some satoshis or you have already tried it and now you are on the next step – integrating bitcoin payments in you small shop,Bitcoin People is the team who will support you in choosing the best solution for you and your business.

Bitcoin decentralises financial processes and allows anyone to manage their money without resorting to parties: ​you become your own bank​. Bitcoin People can help you identify the advantages of Bitcoin for you as an individual or for your small business or company.

Bitcoin People ​consists of young and professional people who strongly believe in the future of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is changing the way we think about “money” and in general the way we experience and perceive the exchange of value. Bitcoin is the digital revolution that is eliminating the standard and old-fashioned need of third parties, such as banks who are intermediaries and charge us unnecessary fees. So, to everyone in Brescia who is curious to know more about the decentralisation of money and to experience the powerful advantages of digital money in a secure and transparent way, hurry up and visit the local ​Talent Garden​ in order to meet the team and obtain more info.If you are around, do not hesitate to come have a look and meet the team. You can also book your appointment by simply using the website, ​Facebook ​or ​Instagram and drop the team a message – they will be more than happy to assist you.

Keep yourself informed and up to date!

Stay tuned: ​https://www.bitcoinpeople.it/ 

Valeriya Georgieva
Valeriya Georgieva
Over 10+ years work experience in managing and supporting variety of technology enabled products and services of the Fortune 500 Companies.  Specialised in IT Business Process Outsourcing.  In 2018 Valeriya  joined the Crypto industry and is currently contributing to startups and small teams with projects based on open source. In 2020 Valeriya started her webinar called Shoes in Bitcoin, which is focused on learning the technology.