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5 best blockchain Phones for Cryptocurrency Lovers

Blockchain technology is relatively new, and blockchain phones are the epitome of this fact. People tend to change their smartphones after a couple years of use, as the technology behind their devices seems to be outdated all of a sudden. 

Newer smartphone versions have features you just cannot ignore. Cue blockchain phones, and several large companies have started to produce a new version of smartphones, that enable cryptocurrency and/or blockchain features, like the provision of a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet, cold-storage, and a dApp store, among others. 

Several cryptocurrency-focussed handsets have already hit the smartphone market, and many more are in production.

The biggest player in this market is Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S10 includes a secure storage system to hold cryptocurrency private keys. Are you looking forward to buying a blockchain phone? Here are five best blockchain phones you should look at. 

Samsung Note 10 Klaytn Phone

Samsung’s latest attempt at creating ripples in the blockchain industry is a smartphone named after a global public blockchain project, ‘Klaytn’. Klaytn is an enterprise-grade that collaborates with Samsung. The Samsung Note 10 Klaytn Phone comes with five DApps, each having a unique role to play in the smartphone’s ecosystem. The five DApps are:

  • Piction Network, a digital content provider
  • WomansTalk, a shopping platform
  • Haemuk, a dining application
  • Fitsme, a beauty platform
  • Antube, a mobile video platform

Each dApp will provide for an experience unheard of, and with that, the Samsung Note 10 Klaytn Phone carries on the legacy of blockchain technology in the world of high-end smartphones. Expect more from Samsung in years to come.  

HTC Exodus 1 

Arguably the best blockchain phone available on the smartphone market, the HTC Exodus 1 was launched in 2018, and unlike the Samsung Note 10 Klaytn Phone, is available on a global scale. The smartphone comes with a wallet for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, among other ERC-20 tokens. The embedded cryptocurrency wallet goes by the name ‘Zion’, and provides for all-in-one private vault security, and protection. 

All transactions that are executed on the Zion wallet, take place over a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Zion makes use of the smartphone’s embedded TEE, to keep and generate your keys safe. If you are looking for a good smartphone, and happen to be a cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast, look no further than the HTC Exodus 1.  

Sirin Labs FINNEY

Recently, Sirin Labs launched a blockchain-based phone, called FINNEY. Yes, the name of the phone is in capital letters, and its basis is entirely on blockchain technology, providing for military-grade protection, and wholesome security. This is no exaggeration, as the phone comes with some impressive features, which include:

  • A cold storage wallet that allows carrying tokens, and making transactions, in a secure and protected environment.
  • An in-built token conversion mechanism, that aids in exchanging and converting between tokens and coins.
  • Several DApps that help provide decentralised services and products. 
  • The provision of top-notch cryptocurrency security, complete with a physical security switch that enables wallet protection, secured email communication, encrypted peer-to-peer calls, and a behaviour-based intrusion prevention mechanism.

Huobi and Whole Network’s Acute Angle Note 6 

Huobi is a cryptocurrency platform that has forayed into the blockchain-backed phone market, in collaboration with Whole Network. They have launched the Acute Angle Note 6, which provides for several impressive features, including pre-installed blockchain-based apps, which are in relation to Huobi, and an alert system which lets users know of rises and falls in a particular cryptocurrency’s price.  

The phone also comes with a cold-storage wallet and a built-in cryptocurrency wallet application. You may, or may not choose to make use of the phone’s wallet to store your cryptocurrencies.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Another of Samsung’s ventures into the blockchain world, the Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with a fascinating cryptocurrency wallet option

The wallet supports several cryptocurrencies, including the likes of Bitcoin, Cosmo Coin, Ethereum, and Enjin Coin among others. The smartphone also comes with several wonderful DApps. What’s more, the smartphone is available all over the globe, and is a wonderful prospect, if you are looking to buy a high-end phone with good cryptocurrency and blockchain-backed capabilities. 

Cosmo Coin is a cryptocurrency, native to Cosmee – one of the many major DApps the Samsung Galaxy S10 supports. Enjin Coin on the other hand, is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency which is largely used by gamers, for their endeavours, 

Conclusion on 5 best Blockchain Phones for Cryptocurrency Lovers

Evolution is a part of mankind, and blockchain technology is a part of the many strides being made by technology-backed applications. Blockchain has found widespread acceptance, and recognition all over the globe. In fact, it is now being used by several Governments, as a legally recognised financial asset.

     It was only a matter of time before smartphone manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon, and started implementing the technology into phones. Expect to hear news on several other blockchain phones in the future, as blockchain technology is constantly developing and innovating. 


Michael Kuchar
Michael Kuchar
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