How cryptocurrency is impacting several key industries
How cryptocurrency is impacting several key industries

How cryptocurrency is impacting several key industries

By Crypto Advertising - 14 Jan 2020

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Cryptocurrency is said to be the currency of the future, and that future is being realized now. 

Several industries are experimenting and implementing cryptocurrencies of one type or another as a way to facilitate daily business transactions. Here is a look at how cryptocurrency is impacting several key industries right now. 

Restaurants and Retail

It shouldn’t be hard to believe that some restaurants are accepting cryptocurrencies to pay for meals. Especially with the fact that the first payment with this currency was for pizza delivery. 

This type of currency is meeting mixed reactions from the restaurant and retail sectors, though, because of the ups and downs seen in its values. With increased popularity and universal possibilities, these markets are looking past the fluctuations and looking towards the chance for gains.

Video Gaming and Casinos

When it comes to the video game industry, the future is virtual, there’s no doubt about that. But there’s another big technology that’s going to transform the industry, and that’s cryptocurrency. In fact, it’s already making quite the impact. The addition of cryptocurrency into the favorite platforms of eSport fanatics has brought a level playing field to many. 

By using one universal currency, the middle man is removed, and players are able to buy and trade specific items within the game itself. It’s also more efficient and more secure, making it an ideal payment option for gamers.


Freelancing is becoming an increasingly virtual business. Therefore, it is only natural for payment to these virtual workers to be virtual as well. 

Cryptocurrency is already allowing freelance workers to offer their services to a broader audience with guaranteed payments and a universal payment method. Future advancements will only make this process easier for both freelancers and those who hire them.

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It is only natural that technology is affected by the advancement of cryptocurrencies. Technology will find improvements in the security afforded to users as well as the elimination of things like identity theft. 

With a central platform that allows for identification of each transaction and the person in control of said transaction, it will be much harder to have your identity misused.


The banking industry is already seeing the benefits of cryptocurrencies. With the use of these currencies, transactions are quicker, and once completed there is virtually no way for them to be changed by outsiders. 

Meaning there is a direct link from the person who initiated the transaction and the person completing the transaction. 

The Internet

In this digital age, almost everything can be (and is) done online. From grocery shopping to paying bills, virtually every aspect of life is facilitated with some website or app. With the virtual technology offered with cryptocurrency and blockchain, personal information will be more secure, and online purchases will become almost risk-free. 

Consumers now use rating systems to decide which sites are safe to buy from and which to avoid. 

In utilizing cryptocurrency and blockchain advancements, consumers will be able to choose whom to buy from based on the products they like rather than whom they are available through — offering more possibilities for both consumers and sellers to benefit. 

The Stock Market

The stock market is already seeing a significant impact from cryptocurrency. The markets are seeing the rise and fall of currencies like Bitcoin, and they see the interest in it with each surge. Though many of the crypto markets currently have a volatile reputation, this is expected to change in the near future. 

Another change the market has seen is in the funding offered for other stocks. With more and more companies accepting this virtual currency as payment, the market is seeing more secure methods of payments and quicker transactions will inevitably change the trading world for the better in the foreseeable future. 

Though cryptocurrency is still fighting to make a name for itself in the overall scheme, it won’t be long before it is the universal currency that connects those around the world. Cryptocurrency will soon offer security and other benefits for consumers, businesses, governments, and everyone in between.


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