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Japan’s Global Blockchain Conference: 50% off for Cryptonomist readers


Speakers of TEAMZ Blockchain Summit to gather in Happoen, Tokyo on September 28, 2020!


TEAMZ Blockchain Summit brings together industry experts, venture capital, investment institutions, media and influencers! The event is aimed at developing the blockchain industry, integrating blockchain technology with industry, and providing business collaboration opportunities on a global scale.

It has been confirmed that the most influential blockchain summit in Japan, TEAMZ Blockchain Summit 2020, will be held on September 28 in Happoen located in Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo. This year, under the theme of “Taking Action on the New Era Of Technology”, we will contribute to society through the spread of blockchain technology in Tokyo in the new era of 2020.

Now, research on blockchain is advancing, and this technology is applied in various industries. In addition to virtual currencies, autonomous driving of cars, financial settlement services, protection of customer lists and personal information, protection of personal human rights, and tracking of the distribution of one fish (after being processed into cuts) in the fishery industry our all exploring blockchain. As a result, it is possible to develop services that not only improve corporate technology and strengthen security, but also gain the trust of customers. This is an innovation that gives blockchain technology so much potential in this decade.

This summit will provide good opportunities not only for the finance and IT industries, but also for industries such as agriculture, fisheries, services and transportation.

In addition, at this blockchain summit, pioneers and experts in the blockchain field, both in Japan and overseas, will be invited to give lectures from the perspectives of technology application, market demand, and solutions.

Various industries and countries will discuss together through panel discussions, and attendees will be able to obtain high quality knowledge. Also, company executives can learn how blockchain can be applied to their businesses.

Who should join the summit?

  • Managers from companies and new business departments that are considering introducing blockchain technology, payment systems in the future.
  • Managers from companies who have introduced blockchain technologies.
  • People who want to know the composition of the forefront blockchain ecosystem and examples of introduction of blockchain technology
  • Companies who want to expand their business not only in Japan but overseas
  • People who are interested in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and fintech.
  • Developers of blockchain technology

What is TEAMZ Blockchain Summit?

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit is one of the most influential blockchain events in Japan. From around the world, blockchain adopters, industry experts, venture capital, and education seekers gather to apply and introduce blockchain technology, develop the blockchain industry for the future, integrate with each industry, and create global collaboration opportunities. We will discuss a wide range of topics that will affect blockchain and new innovation for the next decade.

This summit, which has been held every year since 2017, achieved its first overseas expansion in 2019, and successfully held the TEAMZ Blockchain Summit Asia in Malaysia with the support of the Malaysian government and the Royal Family. This summit boasts a cumulative total of more than 12,000 participants, with this year being the 5th summit. Under the theme of “Taking Action On The New Era Of Technology”. 

Official Website: https://summit.teamz.co.jp

Event Summary


Schedule: September 28, 2020 (Wed)

Venue: Happoen 1F, Tokyo

Visitors: Approximately 3,000 attendees

Speakers: 60 speakers and panelists from around the world

300 Companies who are planning to introduce blockchain technology

Top media: 50 (The Cryptonomist included)

Exhibitors: 50

Current Speakers (Still updating)

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