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Roger Ver: “the crypto world is not merely trading”

Roger Ver from Bitcoin.com was among today’s guests at the BlockDown online event, to talk about how crypto, and especially Bitcoin Cash (BCH), can be useful to have a free and thus better world.

His speech, entitled “How Cryptocurrencies can bring more economic freedom to the world” is the one to which those who follow the various blockchain conferences and have already heard Ver on other occasions, are used to, yet it doesn’t make it less effective.

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Ver has been in the industry for almost 10 years now, according to him cryptocurrencies are much more than investments and trading, because they are able to make society actually participate in the economy, which is fundamental since the countries with greater economic freedom such as Switzerland, Japan, Australia and New Zealand are also the richest countries and vice versa, where for example Venezuela or North Korea are poor countries with little economic freedom.

This freedom allows for higher capital income, greater care for the environment, higher employment rates, longer life expectancy, higher literacy rates and thus also a better quality of life.

Ver continues by saying that all this suggests that having a world in which economic freedom is a foundation would bring very significant benefits, including a 20-year increase in life expectancy.

Economic freedom also refers to having no frozen transactions, no bank accounts closed without reason and so on, which crypto assets can guarantee because they are decentralized and not controlled by any bank or government.

Ripple, Ethereum, Monero and Zcash are other cryptocurrencies, besides Bitcoin Cash, which Ver also recommends to use because, he says, everything must be tried and people should not believe in something without having personally verified it. As they say in the industry, “Don’t trust, verify”.

What has changed in the industry in these 10 years?

What Ver is disappointed about, he explains, is that throughout all these years working in the industry, he has seen BTC change into a purely speculative asset, so many bitcoiners prefer to hold rather than spend them and thus improve the economy.

If in fact at the beginning, as stated in the whitepaper, Bitcoin was intended to be used as cash and replace fiat currencies, now it no longer has that goal and that’s why Ver has moved his interest to support BCH which is precisely intended to be a payment method and consequently bring economic freedom.