5 reasons why cryptocurrencies should be taught for students
5 reasons why cryptocurrencies should be taught for students

5 reasons why cryptocurrencies should be taught for students

By Robert Everett - 29 May 2020

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When Bitcoin came onto the scene, everyone thought that it was a fad and that it would never catch on, but not long after its release, people started to see its value and it quickly rose to glory and it is clear now that cryptocurrencies should be taught for students too because they are here to stay.

Although the road for cryptocurrencies has been rocky and unpredictable, it has resurged and has found stable ground in the finance sector. It is slowly but surely cementing its place in the financial world and the students of today need to know more about it and here’s why. 


Career opportunities

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technologies that it is built on are relatively new and there is still room for plenty of development. The job market is far from saturated and if you could get yourself educated, you will be among the select few who have a handle on cryptocurrencies. 

It is a new field, and therefore, it is challenging, so you’ll need the best study organizing apps to help you along as you complete your studies. When you look at average starting salaries of $100 000 annually, it is clear that the road ahead is looking peachy. 

Online security

The whole world is going online and with it, a host of unwanted byproducts have also come to the fore. Cyber-crimes are at an all-time high and companies are looking for online security experts to keep their businesses safe. 

Blockchain technology’s decentralized nature allows companies to make much faster and safer online transactions, seeing that it introduces advanced encryption. Blockchain systems are entirely independent and self-regulatory which means that you don’t have to involve third-parties to store sensitive information. 

This makes it virtually impossible to commit fraud or to commit identity theft. Everyone at the backend is kept in the loop and can view all the crypto transactions while not being able to view sensitive personal information.  

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Investment opportunities

If you thought Gold was a solid investment, you should see what crypto is capable of. In 2017, a single Bitcoin’s value rose to nearly $20 000. Although it crashed shortly after, it has stabilized and is growing again. It does take a bit of knowhow to invest properly, which is why students need education. 

When they know all the ins and outs, they’ll be able to make wise investments and do it from an early age. Although it was a bit of a gamble to invest in crypto a couple of years back, things are looking more stable as cryptocurrencies are gradually being regulated.

Governments are looking into it

Since blockchain technology provides more online security, governments worldwide are looking to make use of the technologies. The financial markets are changing and as governments are looking to invest in crypto, students who are looking to go into finance need the background to get a holistic picture. 

Several countries like Sweden, Japan, China and Singapore have already started to develop their cryptocurrencies. In a few short years, if you don’t know how crypto works, you could be looking at being underqualified. 

All industries involved

The outlook of Cryptocurrencies and blockchain is not confined to the financial industry alone. Agriculture, law, marketing or any market that has an online element will be looking to use blockchain technology. 

One of the overarching reasons why blockchain technology is gaining ground and popularity is because most industries need to collaborate and work across different departments. In most developed countries, universities have latched on to this new interest and have rolled out several courses across departments. 

Their reasoning is founded on research that indicates that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential of crossing over departments and industries. This makes it an alluring field for students to get involved in, seeing that they’ll be able to cast a wider net of where they want to work.


Blockchain technology is here to stay and cryptocurrencies have just only begun to flex its muscles of potential. Getting ahead of the curve is essential and if students want to be at the top of the employee selection list, having experience and knowledge of cryptocurrencies is going to be essential. The market is fresh and ready to be explored and the sooner students get educated, the better.


Robert Everett

Robert Everett is a tech enthusiast who works as a volunteer for a large organization that is on a mission to provide Edutech solutions to schools and colleges worldwide. He’s also a good science and technology academic writer and works for an academic writing service. When he’s free, he watches documentaries, goes out biking and reads fiction.

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