GastroAdvisor: an ICO to compete with TripAdvisor
GastroAdvisor: an ICO to compete with TripAdvisor

GastroAdvisor: an ICO to compete with TripAdvisor

By Crypto Advertising - 30 May 2020

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In Italy, the GastroAdvisor blockchain project sets itself as a competitor of TripAdvisor, from which it also takes part of the name.

After the ICO, the project has not been abandoned, as it happened for most of the startups that sought funding this way, nor has the FORK token been neglected.

GastroAdvisor aims to create a platform for searching, booking restaurants and creating certified reviews on the Ethereum blockchain thanks to the FORK token.

Reviews are a delicate matter, as Samuele Rosso, CEO of GastroAdvisor Sagl, explains:

“When researching a bit, there are many associations against TripAdvisor LLC and the reason is simple.  Anyone can write a fake review or buy fake ones. I’ve seen restaurant owners get beaten down reading a bad review after a long, exhausting day at work. I’ve seen businesses fighting against each other on this platform”.

Today, there is a countdown on the GastroAdvisor website for the days remaining to the release of the first Beta version of the app with real locations.

Another goal described in the whitepaper was to create a Food Social Blog, which was launched in English just over a week ago. On this blog, users will be able to participate by inserting articles about recipes, news, events and more, as well as videos or image galleries. They will also be able to interact with their social profiles of the platform through the social post function. While doing all this, users earn FORK tokens.

The Food Social Blog for the first time demonstrates how the FORK token has a real function: for example, even by simply registering to the platform, the user receives some tokens that can then be spent in the shop, transferred to friends or more.

The biggest problem with cryptocurrencies has always been mass adoption and to bring them into everyday life in a simple way. Thanks to GastroAdvisor, even a home cook will be able to own FORK tokens, making it a really ambitious project.

“We are continuing to work consistently on the management and development of the project. Cryptocurrencies are great, but we need to make them accessible even to the common user who is not familiar with them.  Moreover, we are sure that the catering world needs certified reviews that provide protection for the owners and their activities; I want to thank all my partners and collaborators who believe in our project and objective, I also want to thank the Agenzia Idea Lab in Rome and Alessio Dezi for the trust they have shown”, concludes Rosso.


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