Binance launches Permanent Futures Leaderboards


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Published on: 5-08-2020

Binance has announced the launch of the Permanent Futures Leaderboards

This is a page on Binance’s website containing rankings of the best traders in the Futures section of the exchange, where the 100 best traders are gathered by day, week, month or all-time, by ROI or PNL, by USDT-Ⓜ and COIN-Ⓜ. 

For example, today in the USDT-Ⓜ section, ThursdayAgreeAnother with over 684% is in the lead for daily ROI, while LunchTelevisionCell with over 407,942 USDT is in the lead for daily PNL. 

In both rankings, there is a significant gap between the first three and the remaining 97, with the first ones clearly separating the second and third. 

In the COIN-Ⓜ section, TennisWellCheese is leading for daily ROI with over 144%, while WithBodyTaste is leading for daily PNL with over 2.5 BTC. 

Also in these other rankings, there is a significant gap between the first three and the remaining 97, but with smaller gaps between the first and the second. 

In total there are 16 rankings, i.e. daily, weekly, monthly or all-time, for ROI or PNL, for USDT-Ⓜ or for COIN-Ⓜ. 

How to be part of Binance Permanent Futures Leaderboards

Traders who participate in this kind of competition can customize the display name, choose an avatar, and get badges. 

In addition, users can choose whether to share their trades, follow other users, be followed by other traders, and view the profiles of users who have decided to share their trades. 

The badges that can be obtained are: 

This might not only be a new tool that the exchange offers traders for identifying the best strategies, but it might also be the first step towards building a real social network for the exchange, similar to what Bitfinex has already done with Pulse, for example. 

The goal is to allow users to share information and strategies with each other, thus encouraging users to remain on the exchange.


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