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Pornvisory: the porn token listed on Uniswap

Only three months ago, the PornVisory team presented their initiative, which included the task of uniting the worlds of blockchain and adult entertainment by rewarding users with the PVY token for viewing pornographic videos reviewed on their website.

The project was presented last Friday and features much more than expected.

The first is the creation of a completely decentralized governance structure based on the DFO (Decentralized Flexible Organization) protocol, thanks to which it will be possible for token holders to propose changes or participate in the voting on governance aspects that will be submitted to the choices of the Community.

These powers will be exerted through the staking of PVY, the ERC20 token created to support the entire PornVisory ecosystem that can be purchased on the decentralized exchanges Uniswap and Balancer (the team explains that Bancor will be added soon) using the address of the smart contract.

An interesting airdrop policy is expected in the coming months, tailored to achieve promotional objectives but also to reward external communities and deserving groups of users. 

But above all, the already announced reward procedures will be activated: for those who will watch the selected videos, for those who will carry out the gamification actions established by the team, for those who will produce content to be published and, obviously, for those who will stake the tokens for governance (staking reward).

It will be possible to use PVY to buy products and services from the selected partners and, in the not too distant future, it will be possible to buy tokenized assets (NFT) directly on the website, which will incorporate artistic themed content.

The PornVisory team is working on the updated roadmap, which will be presented by mid-September in conjunction with the first airdrop scheduled for early adopters who will have purchased tokens by the end of August.


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