Crypto game Wallem is now partner of Armani, PewDiePie and Motta
Crypto game Wallem is now partner of Armani, PewDiePie and Motta

Crypto game Wallem is now partner of Armani, PewDiePie and Motta

By Roberta Di Mario - 14 Nov 2020

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Wallem – a gaming app that has already reached over 40 thousand downloads on iOS and Android in just a few days – lands on the market with official partners such as Armani, PewDiePie and Motta.

As part of the Armani Exchange events, “coins” are distributed on the map, which, if collected in sufficient numbers, will give access to a 100% discount on certain Armani Exchange brand watches and glasses.

After obtaining an Armani Exchange watch, a User has stated the following:

“I attended the Armani Exchange event and was able to obtain a watch worth around €100. From day to day I collected Armani brand points and on the last available day, spending 1€ from the Play Store, I bought 1 hour of unlimited collections and ended the event. The great thing about Wallem is that the products are not won, instead whoever manages to collect the necessary number of brand points gets the product and practically buys it with the coin deservedly collected by playing”.

There are other events going on in the Wallem app, one of which gives 25 people the chance to buy up to $50 to top up their shopping on Amazon, again using the game coins.

Davide Brovelli, an Italian user of the game, obtained the Amazon voucher and said:

“Overall it is a positive experience because you are not only playing for glory but you can really receive something”.

Some other users won the iPhone 12 Mini. During the Halloween event, users were even able to receive the latest iPhone, for a total of 8 smartphones, by capturing 666 pumpkins.

Wallem was also mentioned in the PewDiePie video, reaching over 6 million views in just a few days. 

Pteria DAO and the cryptocurrency

To participate in Wallem’s events it is necessary to download the Wallem app on an iOS or Android device and sign up using the Pteria token: the products will appear around each user’s device giving equal opportunities to all players to collect in augmented reality the various brand points made available by the companies of which Wallem is a partner.

In these days Wallem is also launching a program dedicated to anyone who wants to participate in the frontline to improve and promote the app: the Wallem Early Access Program. 


Roberta Di Mario

Roberta Di Mario, born in Rome in 1993, is a university student. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Management, she is currently studying a Master's Degree in Management and Finance.

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