Margin trading launched on the Exchange
Margin trading launched on the Exchange

Margin trading launched on the Exchange

By Crypto Advertising - 1 Dec 2020

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Sponsored post has launched margin trading on its exchange. 

Thanks to this new feature, users of this exchange can trade with a maximum leverage of up to 3x

In fact, now in the “Exchange” section of the site’s navigation menu, a drop-down list opens, which allows selecting two modes: Spot and Margin 3x. 

The Spot feature is the classic one, already present for some time on the site, which allows buying and selling cryptocurrencies and tokens. 

The new feature makes it possible to borrow virtual assets to trade with leverage, starting with the BTC/USDT pair that is opened by default.

The margin trading interface is basically similar to the spot market, and allows opening long positions, i.e. buying with the expectation that the price will increase in order to sell at a higher price, or selling with the expectation that the price will decrease in order to buy at a lower price. 

What’s new at, besides margin trading

Recently, other new features have also been launched on the exchange

For example, The Syndicate, a fundraising platform for the most promising crypto projects that want to list their coins or tokens on the Exchange. 

In addition to allowing fundraising, The Syndicate also allows those who have CRO tokens staked on the exchange to receive priority allocation of tokens at the time of their issuance, with a discount on the purchase price of up to 50%. does not charge any fees on the listing but allows the purchase of issued tokens only using CRO tokens.

Along with The Syndicate, the Supercharger has also been launched.

It is a liquidity mining platform that allows users to deposit their tokens on the exchange to mine the most popular DeFi tokens. 

Any verified Exchange user can participate by choosing the Supercharger event they are interested in and making a deposit into the relevant pool. 

At the end of the recharging period of the event, after 30 days, users will receive the rewards, based on the liquidity provided, directly to their Exchange account.

Another new feature is the negative fees on trading operations for those who stake at least 5,000 CRO tokens. 

CRO tokens are staked for 6 months, and they can only be withdrawn in full at the end of this period.

With 5,000 CRO in staking the trading fees are -0.005% and decrease as the amount of CRO staked by the user increases: for example with 50 million CRO staked it becomes -0.1%. 

By now the daily trading volume on the exchange is well over $60 million, with the BTC/USDT pair standing out with almost a third of the total volume. 

In second place is the ETH/BTC pair with 12%, the third XRP/BTC with 10%, and finally the fourth is the ETH/USDT pair with just over 9%.

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