Wallem: new crypto event in collaboration with pTokens
Wallem: new crypto event in collaboration with pTokens

Wallem: new crypto event in collaboration with pTokens

By Roberta Di Mario - 2 Dec 2020

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Starting from December 5th, 2020, the mobile game Wallem (iOS or Android) will feature a new crypto event created in collaboration with pNetwork, issuer of the PNT tokens, namely pTokens.

The goal is to get points – which are not real tokens – which will then give access to a limited number of people for the Crypto United event that will be held on the app in May.

Only 21 players who manage to capture the first 250 pTokens points will win tickets to play at the Crypto United Event 2021.

This isn’t Wallem’s first crypto event.

In fact, the first event in this series was the one created with PieDAO, which started on November 24th, 2020.

How to play Wallem

Playing Wallem is similar to Pokemon Go, but with real products or crypto to be earned. 

As you move through the streets of your city, you can capture crypto or points and then redeem products. 

In the past, dozens of users have been able to earn iPhone 12, Armani watches, Amazon vouchers and much more.

PTERIA tokens are needed to take part in all events. You can find them free of charge on the event or they can be purchased in-app at the Wallem store.

PTERIA is a real cryptocurrency based on Ethereum and created by the DAO of the same name.

Crypto United Event is organized on the Wallem app in partnership with several companies in the crypto world that will distribute through the game up to 50 thousand USD in their tokens.

The first company was PieDAO and now it’s the turn of pTokens with its PNT, but in the future there will also be other collaborations, including the last one where PTERIA tokens will be up for grabs, i.e. the official crypto of Wallem.

Wallem donates crypto to charity

As mentioned a few weeks ago, this Crypto United Event 2021 also has a charitable side, considering that Wallem has decided that half of all cryptocurrencies collected will go to charity. 

Users themselves will be able to decide which charity to donate their money to.

Roberta Di Mario

Roberta Di Mario, born in Rome in 1993, is a university student. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Management, she is currently studying a Master's Degree in Management and Finance.

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