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Wallex: An Unexpected New Giant


The intersection between finance and technology has presented an unprecedented phenomenon which has accelerated the pace of change at which technological advancements are reshaping the operations of the financial industry. Facilitated by the rapid development of data processing efficiency and security, distributed ledger technology has provided revolutionary capabilities for asset management, whether it be digital or traditional.

Presenting valuable advancements in financial transfers, timing, cost, customer experience, security and mode of digital asset acquisition, financial institutions and regulators are still reluctant to embrace the new digital wave. Understanding the vast capabilities of new technologies, Simone Mazzuca questioned why such opportunities of technological advancements are being left unopened. Mr Mazzuca’s curiosity led to the facilitation of the need for constructing a coherent and effective solution which would comply with new regulations and put use these technological advancements within this progressive movement. He, therefore, created the Wallex Group; A new-generation financial solution provider which enables both individuals and businesses to bridge traditional with digital financial management operations.

‘The industry needs to embrace technological innovation and automation to meet existing threats, achieve operational efficiencies, remain competitive, and empower high-touch customer servicing. It is this need that Wallex is designed to fulfil.’

– Simone Mazzuca (Founder & Director of Wallex)

Simone Mazzucca Wallex
Simone Mazzucca

Through the careful interpretation of the current financial services industry, Mr Mazzuca and his team put to use distributed ledger technology, creating radical operational features, functionalities and efficient matches between providers and users of capital, rather than automatically turning to intermediaries. Within a year, Wallex was founded, which flourished into a group of financial giants that enable the elimination of operational financial borders.

Introducing Wallex

Wallex is a group of financial companies based in Europe, Asia and the United States of America. The family consists of; Wallex Trust, Wallex Custody, Wallex Pay, Wallex Exchange, Wallex Change and Wallex Lab, presenting you an ensuite service around digital and traditional asset operations and management. In a nutshell, the group provides asset protection services that include a custody service, borderless banking solutions, OTC services, an exchange platform, property management, and crowd-funding operations. Furthermore, Wallex operates as an umbrella for international licenses, providing businesses and individuals with software and operational platforms that are compliant with global regulations and financial capabilities.

‘We make this possible not only due to our technological capabilities but also due to our established financial sector relationships, robust legal framework and intense work the Wallex team has given.’ – Simone Mazzuca

Adhering to the strict compliance procedures for anti-money laundering (5th Directive Anti-Money Laundry), know-your-customer (KYC) and know-your-business (KYB) procedures, Wallex puts security first, complying with all international regulations. Achieving value-added services facilitated by the empowered high-touch customer servicing is what the old pillar system of financial institutions require. With the rising uncertainty of economic stability and constant changes in financial regulations, the ability to use advanced services such as of Wallex are becoming quintessential for the security and capability for financial operations within the global community. This need has created the digital area to shift the traditional financial functions towards new digitized areas, including client service, knowledge provision, data management, liquidity management and risk management. Such changes reshape the whole investment value chain, impacting not only financial transactions but individuals custodians technology, client management and businesses models, for which, Wallex is designed to facilitate this change.

‘The global community is ready for financial solutions that ensure the removal of transactional boundaries and a reduction in operational bureaucracy’.

– Simone Mazzuca

The removal of the presence of a long chain of intermediaries existing within the different stages of financial operations may as well provide the unbanked and financially afflicted to enjoy financial inclusion in today’s shifting global economy.

With that said, the emerging financial environment is opened to all players of the financial sector, which include governments, financial institutions, and other market participants. One fact is, however absolute, and that is, Wallex has been created through careful and projected views into the various challenges of the existing asset management industry and its potential for growth. Here, we introduce you to the unexpected giant, Wallex, which enables and provides financial opportunities for everyone and everywhere. 


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