Want to Triple Your Bitcoin? This Is How You Do It
Want to Triple Your Bitcoin? This Is How You Do It

Want to Triple Your Bitcoin? This Is How You Do It

By Crypto Advertising - 18 Dec 2020

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There are some very good reasons why everyone is talking about Bitcoin these days, from business tycoons and economists to celebrities and probably your friends and family too. 

First of all, Bitcoin’s price has been skyrocketing. With traditional fiat currencies weakening, as economies around the world start to feel the fallout from COVID 19, people are turning to alternatives that can weather the storm.

Cryptocurrencies in general, and Bitcoin in particular, are enjoying greater legitimacy and popularity, as the potential of blockchain-based applications gains recognition and adoption grows. 

So, if you already have some Bitcoin, you want to make sure you are making the most of your investment and maximizing your profits. One of the most lucrative and secure ways to invest it is with crypto arbitrage.

Why Should I Choose a Crypto Arbitrage Trading Strategy?

Crypto arbitrage is now broadly acknowledged across every sector of the global financial community to be one of the lowest risk forms of investment, and it is being used by everyone from major financial institutions and hedge funds to investment firms and individuals.

The main reason for this wide adoption is that it enables you to get a foot in the door with cryptocurrencies without the risks that accompany trading on crypto market volatility.

Crypto arbitrage earns you profits by looking for temporary price inefficiencies across crypto exchanges. To put it simply, for a short period, a cryptocurrency can be available at different prices at the same time. So, if you buy the currency on the exchange where it is cheapest and then sell it on the exchange where it is offered at the highest price you can earn a profit. The market will adjust, and the price inefficiency will resolve itself, so you have to act quickly, identifying and exploiting crypto arbitrage opportunities, before the window closes.

For this reason, investors tend to use crypto arbitrage software to do their trading for them, as it can provide the necessary speed and efficiency. One of the most popular platforms on the market today is ArbiSmart and we can use them as an example to see how crypto arbitrage can be used to make money. 

ArbiSmart, an EU licensed, automated crypto arbitrage platform scans 35 different exchanges simultaneously, 24 hours a day to find and take advantage of price inefficiencies, executing a large volume of trades on multiple coins at once. 

As a client, you simply sign up, fund your account with either fiat or crypto and then leave the rest up to the company’s advanced AI algorithm.

Does Low Risk Mean Low Return?

On the contrary!

Profits are steady, reliable and generous, meaning that you can double or even triple the value of your Bitcoin in just a short space of time, no matter what happens with the exceptionally volatile Bitcoin price, which is as equally well known for experiencing steep crashes as it is for hitting great highs. You are aware in advance exactly how much you can make per month and per year as it is laid out for you on the ArbiSmart Accounts page. 

For example, if you invest 5 Bitcoin today, in just three and a half years it will become 15 BTC and you will have tripled your investment, turning what is currently equivalent to just under €80K into almost 240K. This is actually an incredibly conservative estimate, since not only are you earning compound interest on every cent you invest, but you are also making a profit on the rising value of the platform’s native currency, RBIS.

When you deposit funds with the ArbiSmart platform, they are converted into the RBIS token, so they can be used for crypto arbitrage trading. You can withdraw your funds in Euro or Bitcoin at any time, but while they are invested in the platform they are benefiting from the consistent growth of the RBIS token. Since early 2019, when the coin was introduced, it has already risen in value by over 120% and it is on track to hit its projected target of a 3,000% rise in value by the end of 2021. This comes as a result of strong and steady client acquisition as well as the development and upcoming rollout of a wide selection of additional financial products and services. 

How Do I Choose the Right Crypto Arbitrage Platform? 

Clearly, money matters and the amount that you can earn on your investment is one of the main factors you will be weighing when deciding on a crypto arbitrage platform. 

However, of equal importance is the security of your funds and this is never more important than when we are talking about Bitcoin, as the crypto space can involve the added risks of under-regulation.  For this reason, you should only invest with a fully licensed and regulated financial services provider, such as ArbiSmart, which is FIU licensed, meaning that it is has continuous regulatory oversight and must comply with the extremely strict security protocols that protect client data and funds. 

Then of course, there is the issue of support. The last thing you want is to have questions and no way of getting the answers you need, except for maybe a chatbot. At ArbiSmart, there are multiple support channels. You can receive personal assistance via chat, but also via Telegram, email, Twitter, Messenger, phone, WhatsApp and more. 

Finally, get online. See what other people think of the platform, checking reviews and press coverage. This will be a solid indication of how well-established and well-regarded your chosen crypto arbitrage platform really is. ArbiSmart for example, has a strong online presence, with positive feedback as well as an excellent rating on the popular consumer review site Trustpilot

The world of crypto arbitrage offers a great way for you to rapidly grow your portfolio with zero effort, almost no risk and really great returns. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin, making unparalleled profits, without having to deal with the risks of crypto volatility, or the time demands of a fast-paced market that needs constant attention around the clock.

To find out more about crypto arbitrage, you can check out the Arbitrage information page of the ArbiSmart website, or you can start tripling your Bitcoin right now. 

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor tried the platform.

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