Bitcoin-friendly Casino Cloudbet adds new crypto games
Bitcoin-friendly Casino Cloudbet adds new crypto games

Bitcoin-friendly Casino Cloudbet adds new crypto games

By Alfredo de Candia - 21 Dec 2020

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In a press release issued by Cloudbet, an online casino that is fond of Bitcoin and the crypto world, announced that it has added more games to its platform to meet the demands of users and to experiment with new opportunities.

The opening of this platform to crypto assets is not new. Just recently it added DAI as a payment method to bet on the various games within the platform itself. The crypto assets supported are now 6, not to mention the possibility of being able to use gold for betting.

The same thing has also been done on the games side, because as interesting as they can be, they can become monotonous after several plays and then lead the user to abandon for lack of novelty and opportunities.

Bitcoin Games on Cloudbet Casino

For these reasons, several games have been introduced such as Aviator, Dice, Mine and Plinko, as well as improved versions of the various games already present on the platform, for a total of 9 games to have fun with, bet on and win.

It is worth noting that the main purpose of these platforms is to provide both a pastime and a different form of earning crypto, simply by playing, as some games have high prize pools and can multiply one’s bet even by 100 times, if they are lucky.

These games are designed and regulated by algorithms to ensure a fair distribution of bets and make the process itself transparent, so it is possible to check the actual winning rate and calculate the strategy beforehand.

This is only one of the functions of the platform, which has been active for several years now since 2013.

“Our customers have been asking for classic crypto games, as they have traditionally played elsewhere, and we are more than happy to oblige. Our ongoing priority is always going to be adding features that matter to our customers. In this instance, it’s to provide a one-stop shop for them to play all their favorite crypto games.”

Clearly, these are still betting and gambling games and so just as it might be easy to win, in the same way it is possible to lose entire fortunes, not to mention the addiction that these entail, creating real dependencies and pathologies, hence the important thing is not to exaggerate.

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