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Gen2’s Big Announcement - The Iris Token Platform


This past week, Gen2 Technologies, a public company trading under the ticker BRKK, announced its revolutionary Iris Token Platform. We are excited about this new market proposition for a number of reasons, especially the following.

The Iris Token. Yes, a catchy name. But also a digital token which we expect will be in demand. An ERC Ethereum design, which will function as a utility token. Buyers will get the opportunity to get unique and unparalleled views of professional sports teams and players in action, along with other people doing things of interest. Sports viewing, reality TV, and user-generated content will never be quite the same.

An Advanced Technological and Media Platform

The Iris Token platform will leverage a distributed network of thousands of miniature body-worn cameras, which can even be woven directly into sports jerseys and clothing. Content will be streamable directly from cameras, on-demand, by holders of the Iris Token. Seamless, unique, and advanced streamable content — this service promises to deliver consumers a step-change improvement in their content consumption possibilities.

To learn more details about why the Iris Token Platform might well be the next big thing in content distribution and enjoyment, click on the link to read the Iris Token whitepaper.

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