Bitcoin Hit a New Record High. Here’s How to Guarantee You Make Profit
Bitcoin Hit a New Record High. Here’s How to Guarantee You Make Profit

Bitcoin Hit a New Record High. Here’s How to Guarantee You Make Profit

By Crypto Advertising - 4 Jan 2021

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The Bitcoin boom has been amazing, and not just for BTC holders who got in on the ground floor and have benefited the most from the appreciation of the coin, which last week hit almost $28,600. It is also great for those with smaller amounts of Bitcoin who have made a significant profit. However, there is a very real concern that the highly volatile crypto market will act according to its nature, and BTC will crash back to earth, as fast as it skyrocketed. 

Now is the time to act to capitalize on the upward trajectory of the coin, not only making a profit on the current market conditions but also gaining the opportunity to double your Bitcoin in a matter of months, almost risk-free!

The way to do this is with crypto arbitrage, which is widely accepted to be one of the lowest-risk forms of investing, providing reliable profits. 

How Can You Guarantee Profits?

Crypto arbitrage is the most stable form of digital currency investing because it allows you to bypass all the dangers related to crypto market volatility and generate revenues from price-inefficiencies across digital currency exchanges. 

It involves using automated algorithmic trading software to find instances where a coin is temporarily available at different prices, at the same time, across multiple exchanges. The algorithm will then buy the currency on the exchange where the price is lowest before immediately selling on the exchange where the price is highest, making a profit before the market adjusts to compensate and the window of opportunity closes.

One of the biggest names in the field is ArbiSmart, and it can serve as a classic example of how crypto arbitrage can be used to generate a steady, substantial and predictable passive income.  ArbiSmart’s regulated, automated platform is connected to 35 exchanges, which it scans 24/7 to find, and then takes advantage of, crypto price inefficiencies. The AI-based algorithm adapts to developing market conditions, responding to opportunities within a fraction of a second and executing a huge volume of trades simultaneously.

The ArbiSmart platform guarantees returns ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year, depending on the amount deposited. On the company’s Accounts page, monthly and annual profits are clearly laid out, so you know in advance precisely how much you can expect to make, at a minimum, over any given time-period with no surprises, allowing you to manage your finances accordingly. 

The actual profits are likely to be significantly higher, based on the fact that the platform not only offers compound interest, but also enables you to benefit from capital gains resulting from  the rising value of the native token. 

When investors sign up, their deposit is converted into RBIS, the ArbiSmart token and used for crypto arbitrage, (although funds can be withdrawn at any time in BTC or EUR). The token is already worth over 120% more than when it was introduced in early 2019. It is consistently on the rise and based on its steady, current growth rate, RBIS is projected to go up in value by 3,000% by the end of 2021. 

What about the Risks of Investing in Crypto?

With crypto arbitrage, the very fact that you are not trying to exploit crypto market volatility means that you can somewhat mitigate the risks presented by entering the digital currency arena.  However, it in no way helps with the major danger of entering the world of decentralized finance, which is the fact that it is seriously under-regulated, and its innate anonymity and lack of oversight have enabled bad actors enter the space.

The crypto markets offer newly emerging assets for which legislation in many countries has not yet caught up. This translates to a financial environment that presents a high level of uncertainty due to the lack of regulation and consumer protections.

The solution is simple though. So long as you only place your capital in the hands of a fully licensed and regulated platform, you can trade with peace of mind. For example, ArbiSmart is fully FIU licensed, meaning that the company has to adhere to strict EU regulation, complying with rigorous data security protocols to guarantee account integrity, implementing KYC and AML procedures to safeguard against fraud, providing capital insurance coverage and submitting to regular external audits.

It is also always a good idea to check how accessible the company is, with regard to service and support. If you need help accessing your money, have a technical issue, or require professional guidance at a critical time, you want to know there will be a real person there to help you the second you need them. ArbiSmart, for example, offers multiple channels of communication including Twitter, Telegram, Messenger, email, phone, WhatsApp and more.


How Can I Get More Information from an Unbiased Source?

To learn more about a crypto investing platform that catches your eye, there are a number of ways to get hold of unbiased information. 

Your first step will be to check their online reputation. What is the consensus on Reddit, Telegram and Twitter? The crypto community is vocal across a number of social channels and Bitcoin traders are never shy about putting out the word if they feel their peers need to stay away from a specific platform.  

Also, don’t forget about consumer review sites, like Trustpilot. This is another source of honest insights into how secure and trustworthy and accountable a company is and how successfully it meets its ROI promises. For example, ArbiSmart has a top Trustpilot rating, based on around 300 reviews.

Then of course, there are plenty of unbiased reviews in industry publications and the major names in the crypto press will do their homework before they recommend any newcomer to the crypto space. For example, a look at ArbiSmart in the press, will show sponsored articles but also plenty of unsolicited content that shows a strong positive presence in major global blockchain and crypto publications from  Bitcoinist to  krypto-monitor and many more.

There is no way to trade any asset, never mind cryptocurrencies with 100% certainty of success, but as we can see, there are ways to mitigate the risks of crypto market volatility and choose a form of investing that offers a steady passive profit. Crypto arbitrage is a reliable, low-risk, high-return investment opportunity that requires zero effort or prior market knowledge, making it a great option for BTC holders wondering how best to take advantage of the current market conditions.

If it sounds like ArbiSmart might fit your crypto trading needs, check out the website or dive in and start investing now


*This article has been paid by Arbismart. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article and didn’t try the platform.


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