Bot Trade on the BTC Rally and Triple Your Investment by Doing This
Bot Trade on the BTC Rally and Triple Your Investment by Doing This

Bot Trade on the BTC Rally and Triple Your Investment by Doing This

By Crypto Advertising - 29 Jan 2021

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The Bitcoin rally that started in 2020 is still going full speed ahead and the price of BTC has doubled in the last month alone. However, it can be difficult to know where to begin, how to invest, and who to trust if you do not have previous experience in the crypto arena. 

The success of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies in the last year has proven that the crypto market can be amazingly lucrative. Yet, the extreme volatility that offers such great opportunities also exposes you to really high levels of risk.

Many believe that one of the best ways to take advantage of this dynamic, 24-hour market, particularly if you don’t have previous experience, is with a trading bot. With the Bitcoin bull run, we have seen the crypto entry into the mainstream speed up significantly and as a result, crypto market trading bots are gaining rapidly in popularity. Connected to multiple crypto exchanges at once, trading bots, will automatically invest on your behalf, having been pre-coded to respond a certain way when specific market conditions are met. 

How to Benefit from the Bitcoin Rally with Almost No Risk

However, even if you are using the most advanced, rapid and efficient trading bot, when you are trying to benefit from the Bitcoin boom, your biggest risk is the extreme volatility of the crypto market, where dramatic highs are followed by devastating drops in price. For this reason, the type of strategy with which your bot is coded is essential to the security and success of your Bitcoin investment.  It’s not too late to take advantage of the Bitcoin bull run, you just need to act fast and smart. And, there is one single strategy that will allow you to trade your crypto without any of the risks related to crypto market volatility – crypto arbitrage.

Crypto arbitrage involves exploiting price inefficiencies that exist on the crypto exchanges. In simple terms, this means that for a short time, a cryptocurrency can be available at different prices at the same time. A crypto arbitrage trading bot will take advantage of these temporary price differences by buying the coin on the exchange where the cryptocurrency price is lowest and then instantly selling it on the exchange where the price of the coin is highest, to make a profit before the market adjusts to compensate for the price inefficiency and the window of opportunity closes. 

Since this type of investing does not profit from crypto market volatility, if the Bitcoin rally were to come to a sudden end you could continue to earn a return from your BTC investment, even if the price took a sudden turn and completely collapsed. 

For a crypto arbitrage investing strategy, the use of a trading bot is essential. Price inefficiencies occur only briefly, and the speed and efficiency required to identify and seize these temporary opportunities, across multiple exchanges at once, on a wide variety of coins is beyond human capability.  To understand better, let’s use ArbiSmart, a well-known crypto arbitrage automated trading platform as an example. The way the platform works is that it is connected to 35 different exchanges, which it tracks 24/7, monitoring hundreds of cryptocurrencies simultaneously, looking for crypto arbitrage opportunities to exploit on the investor’s behalf. ArbiSmart’s AI-based algorithm is able to execute a huge volume of trades simultaneously to generate profits reaching up to 45% a year.

It should be noted that although the system is fully automated, the company is not asking you to rely solely on an algorithm to keep your savings secure. An expert risk management team monitors the markets around the clock to provide human oversight and intervene in the case of extreme market upheaval. In addition, a well-informed, professional support staff is available to offer personal assistance 24 hours a day, via multiple, direct support channels.

How to Get Your Investment Priorities Met

As a crypto investor you are going to have several priorities that will determine your strategic approach. At the top of the list will almost certainly be the size of your return on investment, although the ease with which you can achieve it is also likely to be an important consideration.

For example, at ArbiSmart, no trade management is required. You simply register, deposit funds in either fiat or cryptocurrency and the system takes over from there. You get on with your day, while the bot generates returns starting at 10.8% and reaching up to 45% a year, depending on the amount invested. You also benefit from the fact that your crypto arbitrage profits are steady and reliable, so you know exactly how much you are going to make. In fact, it is laid out clearly in the company’s Accounts page, where ROI per month, and per year, is displayed for each account level. 

When you make a deposit, your funds are automatically converted into RBIS, ArbiSmart’s native token for use trading crypto arbitrage. While the funds are held on the platform, they are generating compound interest, on top of your crypto arbitrage profits, as well as earning capital gains from the rising value of the token. Since its introduction in early 2019, RBIS has already risen in value by 210% and based on the company’s current rate of growth it is projected to go up 3,000% by the end of 2021. 

Another major priority that will factor into your decision making when you choose a crypto investing platform is safety. Cryptocurrency is a new asset class that is evolving at an incredibly fast rate and governments around the world have been slow to catch up with developments when it comes to legislating this decentralized, anonymous, financial space. Meanwhile, there are bad actors who have been quick to exploit holes in smart-contract security and the limited legislation in the under-regulated crypto arena. The best way to combat this problem and mitigate the risk of hacks and fraud is by trading with a fully regulated crypto trading platform. 

ArbiSmart, for example is FIU licensed, meaning that the company is regulated across the EU. The value of this is incalculable as it provides a wealth of client protections. Regulatory compliance requires submitting to regular audits, maintaining sufficient operational capital, adhering to strict ID verification and anti-money laundering procedures, implementing rigorous data security protocols, separating of client and company accounts and insurance coverage for all client capital and more. 

So, if you want to double, or even triple your investment, bot trading on the Bitcoin bull run your best approach is with a fully licensed and regulated crypto arbitrage bot that can save you time, make you serious money and dramatically reduce your risk. To find out more about crypto arbitrage investing with an automated algorithmic trading platform, you can check out the ArbiSmart system, or simply start investing now, to ensure you don’t miss out on the BTC boom. 

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