Don’t Know How to Benefit from Bitcoin’s Bull Run? Do This
Don’t Know How to Benefit from Bitcoin’s Bull Run? Do This

Don’t Know How to Benefit from Bitcoin’s Bull Run? Do This

By Crypto Advertising - 19 Feb 2021

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BTC is starting 2021 on a high, having shot up to more than $52,000 – a rise of approximately 150% since the start of 2020. Bitcoin is doing great, as is the entire crypto arena, which has made significant gains in the past year, with growing legitimacy and mainstream adoption. 

However, the crypto markets are known for one thing above all else – volatility. This means that if you want to exploit the current crypto bull market safely, your number one priority will be to mitigate risk, as you take advantage of the lucrative opportunities it offers.

There are countless ways to enter the crypto markets from day trading to HODLing, so to decide how you can best benefit from the boom you need to ask yourself some important questions. 

What are you looking for in your Bitcoin investment? Is your priority a stable long-term investment plan to secure the future, or is it a quick, entry and exit, with a higher risk to return ratio? What is your financial knowledge level and how much experience do you have exploiting market shifts in crypto or traditional markets? Also, how much time to do you have to dedicate to your investments and how hands-on do you want to be?  

How Can You Reduce Risk and Eliminate Effort?

If you don’t want to spend the entire day staring at a screen, analyzing, researching and executing trades, and then worrying about what happened in the markets overnight, your best bet is an automated platform that is pre-programmed with a high-return, low-risk strategy that can adapt in real-time to shifting market conditions.

One platform that I’d highly recommend, which meets these criteria and has an excellent reputation among the crypto community, is ArbiSmart. It’s an EU licensed, fully automated crypto arbitrage platform. Once you’ve signed up and deposited funds, it takes over and trades on your behalf, while you get on with your day. 

Crypto arbitrage is widely considered to be one of the lowest risk forms of investing. This is because it does not leave you vulnerable to market volatility, but rather, makes profits by taking advantage of price inefficiencies across exchanges.  

Temporarily, a digital currency can be available at different prices simultaneously. The market will eventually adjust and compensate for the inefficiency, but crypto arbitrage exploits this brief window of opportunity. An automated platform will buy the coin on the exchange where it is available at the lowest price and then sell it on the exchange where it is offered at the highest price to make a profit before the price discrepancy is resolved.

The ArbiSmart platform is connected to 35 different exchanges, which it monitors 24 hours a day to identify crypto arbitrage opportunities, without requiring you to perform any research, analysis or trade management. As an added layer of security, the company has a risk management team that tracks market activity around the clock and can provide human oversight, intervening in cases of extreme market turbulence.

How Can You Ensure High Returns?

It is definitely important that you have the opportunity to put your Bitcoin to work, while you focus on other priorities, but none of that matters if the profits are not strong and steady. Since crypto arbitrage is not tied to crypto market volatility it is able to provide reliable returns. For example, ArbiSmart provides guaranteed profits that start at 10.8% and reach as high as 45% a year, depending on the amount invested. 

A look at the company’s Accounts page shows the various account levels and exactly how much you can expect to make per month and per year, based on the size of your deposit. There is also a crypto arbitrage profit calculator that tells you how much you need to invest to meet a specific profit target, over a given time frame.

For example, by investing €300K, you can make a guaranteed profit of €10K a month, which comes out to at least €120K clean profit within a year. You will also be earning compound interest on your investment and in addition, you will be profiting from the capital gains generated by the growing value of the ArbiSmart native token, RBIS. 

When you make your initial deposit, your funds are converted into RBIS for use in crypto arbitrage trading. While you can access you funds and withdraw them in EUR or BTC at any time, while they are being used on the platform they are profiting from the rising value of the token. 

Since it was introduced, RBIS has already gone up 210% and it is continuing to rise steadily in parallel with the company’s global expansion. Based on the current rate of growth, it is projected to go up by 3,000% within the next 12 months.

How Can You Minimize the Threat of Criminal Activity?

Minimizing your time commitment and maximizing your returns are essential factors to consider when deciding how best to invest in Bitcoin. However, your funds need to be secure if you ever want to access and spend your profits. The crypto space has experienced its fair share of fraud and hacks, with criminal elements seeking to take advantage system vulnerabilities, and the anonymity inherent in  decentralized financial ecosystems. 

While it is hard to verify the credibility of any financial service provider with absolute certainty, there are certain steps you can take to determine how reliable and well-established a company is. These involve checking a platform’s regulatory status and doing a deep dive online to see the kind of feedback they have received online. 

For example, as an FIU licensed platform, ArbiSmart must comply with the strictest EU regulatory requirements, with regard to the transparency, security and viability of the platform. The company has to submit to regular audits, follow KYC/AML client verification procedures, implement tough data security protocols, ensure the security and functionality of the platform, separate client and company funds, maintain sufficient operational capital and more.  It should be noted that the company also has a solid online reputation across social media and in the industry press for offering reliable profits, accessible in-person support and rapid withdrawals.

If you want to take advantage of the Bitcoin bull run while minimizing the risks that can be incurred from crypto market volatility, then crypto arbitrage offers a great revenue generating opportunity. It allows you to put your crypto or fiat to work on your behalf, while limiting your exposure and allowing you to double your profits within just 24 months. Also, if you use a fully automated platform, you can achieve your profit goals without any time investment whatsoever. 

Find out more about crypto arbitrage, or make an investment and start profiting from the Bitcoin boom.

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.

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