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How to X10 Your Bitcoin


The price of Bitcoin is at an all-time high of just over $46,000, following the recent boost from Tesla, but if you didn’t get in on the ground floor you haven’t missed out completely. There are still plenty of strategies for taking advantage of the growing adoption of BTC and other cryptocurrencies. The lowest-risk, highest return of all these strategies is crypto arbitrage.  

To see how it works, let’s take as our example ArbiSmart, an automated crypto arbitrage platform. It is connected to 35 different crypto exchanges, which it scans simultaneously, around the clock, monitoring hundreds of digital currencies at once, to find temporary price inefficiencies. These are instances where, for a brief period, often a matter of minutes, a cryptocurrency is available on different exchanges, at different prices simultaneously. The price discrepancy will rapidly resolve itself, but while the small window of opportunity remains open the platform automatically purchases the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest and then instantly sells it on the exchange where the price is highest to make a profit. 

How Does Crypto Arbitrage Compare to Other Types of Crypto Trading?

It is safer – Day trading, for example, generates a profit from the extreme fluctuations of the crypto markets and requires speculating on the trajectory of your chosen asset. In contrast, with crypto arbitrage, you are not vulnerable to crypto volatility. Rather, you are making a return by exploiting price inefficiencies across exchanges, a far less risky endeavor. 

It is easier – The speed and multi-functional capabilities of an automated system are the only way to successfully exploit crypto arbitrage opportunities. To monitor multiple markets, and cryptocurrencies 24/7, to find and exploit inefficiencies, which often only exist for a matter of minutes, can only be achieved with an algorithmic trading system. To try to do it manually would be far too challenging. This means that with automated crypto arbitrage platforms, once you have signed up and deposited funds you can get on with your day, as the platform takes over and does your investing for you, without requiring you to lift a finger. 

It is more reliable – As we’ve established, crypto day trading can be incredibly risky due to the exceptionally high volatility of the digital currency markets and returns are far from reliable. At the other end of the spectrum is HODLing, a risk-averse strategy that involves holding on to your cryptocurrency over the long term, ignoring all the short-term fluctuations and storing it in your crypto wallet in the hopes that it will appreciate over time. While this is much safer, it is also a lot slower, and means your capital is sitting there doing nothing, possibly for years, when it could be working hard on your behalf. In contrast, crypto arbitrage enables you to earn a huge annual profit in a steady, consistent manner, at minimal risk. In fact, returning to our ArbiSmart example, you can earn as much as 45% interest, and know the amount you will earn, per month and per year, before you even start investing.

How Does the ROI Compare to Profits from Traditional Investment Strategies?

There are countless ways to earn a passive income, from property to stocks and bonds and, for each, the risk to return ratio is different. Let’s take real estate, as an example. You can expect to make around 12% a year, though that doesn’t take into account payments to lawyers, brokers and banks as well as upkeep costs, property taxes and rent for any months the place goes unleased. Alternatively, you can go for stocks, which, like crypto can also be highly volatile but will offer returns of, on average, 10%, or go for the more stable choice of bonds, which offer a steady but slightly less impressive 5% or 6% return a year. Finally, of course your safest bet is the bank, which is basically risk-free but will provide, on average, only 1% per year in interest. 

Contrast these traditional investment options with crypto arbitrage, which involves close to zero risk, but offers a consistent and reliable return multiple times higher. Going back to our ArbiSmart example, you can make a guaranteed profit, ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year depending on the size of your investment. 

Consistency is also a factor that sets crypto arbitrage apart from other high-interest investments. Head to ArbiSmart’s Accounts page and you can see, in advance, exactly how much you can make at each account level and there is an investment calculator that lets you know precisely how long it will take you to hit a given profit target, with a specific investment amount.  

In addition, you will earn compound interest on your crypto arbitrage profits as well as capital gains on the increase in the value of the platform’s native token, RBIS. 

Once you have deposited funds, in fiat or crypto they are automatically converted into RBIS for use on the platform. Your money can be withdrawn at any time in EUR, USD, BTC, ETH or USDT, but while it being used for crypto arbitrage trading it is rising in value, generating a secondary stream of passive income. Since the token was introduced two years ago, it has already gone up in value by 210% and with ArbiSmart’s current trajectory of global growth, RBIS is projected to rise in value by as much as 3,000% by the end of 2021.

What Is the Safest Way to Trade Crypto Arbitrage? 

Unfortunately, the digital currency world is known as the Wild West of finance with good reason. Legislation to protect investors is minimal, as global regulators have been slow to catch up with the developments in the crypto arena. In addition, the anonymity of digital currency systems makes it a target for fraudsters, while hackers are keen to exploit holes in smart contract technology. As a result, security is a major priority for any crypto investor and taking basic precautions is essential. Primarily, this involves ensuring that you only trade with a fully licensed and regulated platform. For example, ArbiSmart is FIU licensed, which affords clients a range of critical protections. These include rigorous data security protocols, strict AML/KYC anti-money laundering and client verification procedures, regular external auditing, client capital insurance coverage, the separation of client and company accounts, maintaining sufficient operational capital as well as a secure functioning platform and more. 

Other smart moves include checking out the platform’s reputation across social media or consumer review sites and any coverage in industry publications to understand whether they offer attentive, informed support, provide prompt payments, and meet their ROI guarantees. For example, a search online for ArbiSmart will show positive feedback across social media. It has great reviews in the global industry press on sites like Kryptomonitor, Bitcoinist and NewsBTC as well as on client reviews sites like Trustpilot, popular with online investors, praising its multiple support channels, fast easy withdrawals and reliable profits. 

As we can see, crypto arbitrage offers a low-risk, high-return strategy that enables you to put your Bitcoin to work on your behalf, with minimal effort. To learn more about crypto arbitrage and arbitrage in general, click here, or invest today, so as to earn the most from your Bitcoin, before the window of opportunity closes.

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