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How the RBIS Token Will Make You a Millionaire in 2021


The incredible rise of Bitcoin throughout 2020 has shaken up the entire financial community, leading financial institutions, major hedge funds and some of the world’s biggest brands to invest in cryptocurrencies, further establishing the legitimacy, profitability and staying power of this still-emerging asset class.  

Countless altcoins have benefited from the Bitcoin boom, but following a short burst of interest, those without clear usability, an experienced team behind the company, and genuine, unique value will quickly disappear. 

The Crypto Investor Checklist

It doesn’t matter how much buzz there is over a new token, you should run a mile if it doesn’t meet some basic security standards. Since the crypto space is anonymous and critically under-regulated, digital currency investors are particularly vulnerable to hacks and other fraudulent activity. The best way to guarantee that the team behind a token is transparent and trustworthy is to make sure the company is fully licensed and regulated. Anything less is asking for trouble. 

While it is vital that the company behind doesn’t run off with your money or allow it to be stolen through lax security protocols, you also want disruptive, game-changing technology that functions smoothly and effectively, while filling a gap in the market. A useful, profit-generating product is critical to the long-term growth of the company and the token that powers it. 

Ticking All the Boxes

One token that has been gaining traction is RBIS, the native token of ArbiSmart, an EU licensed automated crypto arbitrage platform, established in early 2019. In the two years since it was introduced, the token has already gone up by 350% and is on a steady upward trajectory.

Despite involving digital currency, crypto arbitrage is actually one of the lowest-risk types of investing. The reason that financial institutions, hedge funds, major corporations and retail investors are all adding it to their portfolios is that it does not make a profit from crypto market volatility. Rather it generates a return by exploiting temporary price inefficiencies. These are instances where for a few minutes at a time, a cryptocurrency is simultaneously available at different prices across multiple exchanges.  

ArbiSmart’s fully automated platform is connected to 35 different exchanges, which is monitors around the clock, tracking hundreds of cryptocurrencies to identify short-term price differences. When it finds a temporary price inefficiency it buys the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest, and then instantly sells it on the exchange where the price is highest to make a profit, before the market adjusts to resolve the inefficiency. 

The primary reasons for the popularity of the platform and therefore, the growth of the token, are the system’s ease-of-use and profitability. You simply register, make a deposit in either fiat or crypto and the platform does the rest. While you focus on other things, your funds are automatically being converted to RBIS and used to earn you a profit from crypto arbitrage trading, with returns starting at 10.8% and reaching up to 45% a year, depending on the size of your investment. 

ArbiSmart actually generates a number of simultaneous revenue streams. Not only are you earning crypto arbitrage profits of up to 45%, but you are also earning generous compound interest on your capital as well as growing profits from the rising value of the RBIS token. The token has already gone up in worth from 1 EUR to 3.5 EUR in just two years and it is anticipated to rise to twenty times its current value by the close of 2021. This projection is based on the fact that RBIS is set to be listed on the exchanges by the end of Q4 and has a number of new financial services in development that are scheduled for roll out later this year.

With ArbiSmart you get to  benefit from lucrative crypto opportunities, without the usual high risk and unpredictability. The exact amount you will make per month and per year, is clearly laid out in advance on the ArbiSmart Account Levels page, and at any time you can withdraw your funds in EUR or BTC directly to your bank account or e-wallet.  

Limited Supply Meets Growing Demand

ArbiSmart has capped the amount of the token that can ever be created to 450 million RBIS. In line with a steady growth in demand, as the popularity and liquidity of the platform continues to rise, supply will fall, causing the token price to appreciate.

Eventually, ArbiSmart clients will determine the value of RBIS, because once the token is listed, anyone who wants to use the company’s crypto arbitrage platform, without already owning RBIS, will need to buy it through an exchange. The platform offers a long-term, low-risk investment opportunity with steady, monthly passive profits, and the price of the RBIS token is continuously rising, so ArbiSmart clients have little incentive to part with their tokens. When RBIS is listed, demand will rise, and supply will drop even more, further driving up the value of the token.

Becoming an Early Adopter

When deciding whether to put your hard-earned cash into any altcoin, you are looking for a company that is popular and growing steadily, offering products and services with clear value. Timing is also critical, and you want to get the best return on your investment, so you will need to purchase the token while the price is still reasonable, before demand goes through the roof and supply drops. 

Analysts have claimed that RBIS is on target to outperform both BTC and ETH over the long-term. The token has gone up in price at an amazing speed and without even being listed yet, it has already more than tripled in value, since its launch. This, combined with the profits from crypto arbitrage and compound interest make it an attractive and highly lucrative investment channel, although the window of opportunity is closing if you want to purchase RBIS at an affordable price, early on.

No matter what is happening to the volatile digital currency markets, boom or bust, crypto arbitrage continues to offer a steady, consistent source of revenue. The value of the RBIS token continues to rise and provides a valuable way to hedge against a crypto market crash. 

If you are looking for an emerging altcoin to enable you to get a slice of the action on the crypto markets, at minimal risk, the RBIS token offers a secure, highly profitable and reliable investment opportunity. 

Don’t miss your chance to get in on the ground floor. Invest now!

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