LOFT, KYC-free trading with up to 100x leverage
LOFT, KYC-free trading with up to 100x leverage

LOFT, KYC-free trading with up to 100x leverage

By Crypto Advertising - 24 Apr 2021

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LOFT is a new privacy-oriented trading platform

To be more specific, it provides a trading service based on a bitcoin wallet, so it does not require KYC, and maintains a high level of privacy for users by anonymizing them. 

It allows BTC withdrawals and deposits only through the Lightning Network, the second layer of bitcoin that does not require the registration of transactions on the public blockchain, keeping them completely confidential. Moreover, this way transfers are instantaneous and very low cost. 

The platform allows CFD trading with no geographical or social limits, allowing anyone with BTC to use it. 

Trading on LOFT

LOFT has recently opened its platform to the public, offering leveraged trading on stocks, ETFs and indices, and allowing BTC/USD trading with up to 100x leverage

It was created to provide an easy-to-use interface for all users, even those who are not trading experts, with the aim of becoming a tool for financial freedom that allows capital to move freely on the web. 

The vision of LOFT is simple: to create a trading platform that is accessible and easy for everyone.

In order to do this, it was necessary to overcome the obstacles and barriers posed, for instance, by those countries that have restrictions in place that prevent ordinary citizens from entering the business world, preventing them from accessing trading platforms, lacking a proper banking infrastructure to offer services to third parties, prohibiting women and minors from making investments, or certain individuals from being able to use financial instruments for political or religious reasons.

This combined with a strong need for privacy has resulted in a trading platform that aims to be a real tool for financial freedom, allowing capital to move freely around the web without being tracked or stolen by anyone.

This is why it was decided to use the Lightning Network technology, which allows for faster transactions, almost zero transaction costs, and guarantees a high level of privacy. 

Bitcoin was originally conceived as a tool for financial freedom, and LOFT brings this idea to the world of financial trading with traditional assets.

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