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360Wellness – Withstanding The Challenges Of Digital Fitness Industry


The concept of health and fitness is something that most people are interested in, but few are able to actually achieve. One of the prominent reasons behind this is the inability, or inaccessibility, to credible resources such as exercise demos, routine suggestions, and certified personal trainers.

Digitalization of this industry seems to have solved such challenges. However, with the advent of digitalization, many of the traditional challenges have transformed into new dilemmas.

1. Inaccurate Information

Most applications on the Internet do not have any credible source of information. They display the same health tips to every user irrespective of their goals, physical abilities and daily schedules. For instance, if someone is trying to lose weight and another is trying to gain weight, they are both given the same generic, unhelpful advice – usually something like “drink green tea before bed”. As a result, people fall short of their goals and subsequently lose the motivation to persist on their health journey.

2. Authentic Trainers

One of the most pressing challenges of the digital health and fitness industry currently is that it allows anyone to become a trainer. While it may sound like a fair system, it is not something that should be open to all. Incorrect posture in even one small exercise (due to poor guidance) can lead to dire consequences. Having trainers in a gym provides some level of credibility to their expertise, but the digital ecosystem has made the issue of under qualified trainers worse.

3. Fake Reviews

Apart from the end users, even the trainers have tasted the perils of the digital health and fitness industry. With the possibility of fake reviews, less experienced or less qualified trainers are gaining popularity. The problem with this is that the trainers who have worked day and night to provide optimal fitness advice, are void of the deserved popularity.

4. High Charges

Subscriptions to many of the available online health and fitness applications can cost a fortune. Particularly if they are being endorsed by a prominent personality. However, this high cost is not something that the trainers are charging but rather what the underlying platforms charge for connecting users to the trainers and maintaining the digital ecosystem. 

5. Security

For the most part, the digital fitness ecosystem is centralised. The organizations that provide digital applications also maintain a database containing all data related to the users as well as the trainers. This database is either in a cloud or in their own infrastructure. This data is further exposed to several third parties, or even sold to such parties for various purposes. A company launching a new digital product, like a smart band, can use this data to target fitness enthusiasts and manipulate them into using their product.

360Wellness: The Evolution Of Digital Health And Fitness

Unfortunately, the aforementioned challenges only scratch the surface of challenges faced in the current digital fitness industry. 

What needs to be recognized here is that these challenges are not the issues with the current digital ecosystem, but rather outline the potential of the digital fitness industry to evolve into something much more. 

Like many other industries, Blockchain’s intrinsic properties seem to be a perfect solution to optimize the digital fitness industry and unlock its true potential. 

360Wellness is an application that leverages the Blockchain technology to create the future-proof application for this industry. 

Benefits of 360Wellness in the Digital Fitness Industry

Over and above the obvious benefits linked to the digitalization, mentioned below are the additional features added by 360Wellness’ Blockchain-based solution for the health and fitness industry:

  1. It provides an unbiased ecosystem for the trainers as Blockchain eradicates the opportunity for fake reviews. This is achieved through a decentralized peer-to-peer network.
  2. Removing the third party, 360Wellness allows trainers to connect directly with the end users which improves visibility and removes commission fees. 
  3. The use of a digital currency allows 360Wellness to provide frictionless transfers across the globe. The transactions over this network have significantly low fees compared to the traditional system.
  4. Blockchain uses advanced cryptography which ensures the utmost security for users’ data and eradicates the possibility of data manipulation. 
  5. The 360Wellness application provides a suite of sophisticated tools under a single platform that allows users to get a customized routine based on their desired goals – even the daily tips related to fitness are curated according to the users’ interests. 
  6. The trainers available on the 360Wellness platform receive genuine reviews. These reviews act as proof of their expertise and capabilities.
  7. 360Wellness ecosystem also comprises a native token, DEFIT. This token is used to perform financial transactions. It also offers the possibility of investment through staking, monetizes the fitness goals of users by acting as a reward system, and allows a pay-as-you-use model rather than a subscription model. 

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