The Crypto Market Is Crashing but this Coin Is Exploding
The Crypto Market Is Crashing but this Coin Is Exploding

The Crypto Market Is Crashing but this Coin Is Exploding

By Crypto Advertising - 20 May 2021

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Digital currencies have had a tough week, with Bitcoin dropping in value by more than 20%. The crypto markets in general are bearish yet, one coin is continuing to steadily rise in value, through it all.

RBIS is the token behind ArbiSmart, an EU licensed crypto arbitrage platform. On a consistent upward trajectory, having already risen in price by 400% since it was introduced two years ago, RBIS is projected to climb to twenty times its current value by the end of 2021.

So, while all other cryptocurrencies are taking a nosedive, what is the reason behind the stability and success of the RBIS token and what makes it such a valuable investment, as a hedge against a crypto bear market?

 A Popular Project with a Growing Community

ArbiSmart’s fully automated, AI-based crypto arbitrage system implements a low-risk, high return investment strategy that enables you to take advantage of lucrative digital asset opportunities without leaving you vulnerable to crypto market volatility.

Crypto arbitrage involves exploiting temporary price inefficiencies. These are brief instances, lasting just a few minutes, during which a coin will be available at different prices on a number of exchanges, at once.

ArbiSmart is connected to 35 exchanges, which it monitors, 24/7 scanning hundreds of coins simultaneously to identify and take advantage of these temporary price differences. It will automatically buy the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest, and then instantly sell it on the exchange where the price is highest to make a profit before the market naturally adjusts to resolve the inefficiency.

No matter whether we are experiencing a bull or bear market, crypto arbitrage opportunities will continue to arise with the same regularity, since they are not dependent on the overall trajectory of any cryptocurrency. As a result, ArbiSmart offers a great way to hedge against a crypto market crash.

In addition, your passive profits can be calculated in advance. You simply sign up, make a crypto or fiat deposit and the platform takes it from there, while you get on with the rest of your day. Your funds are automatically converted into RBIS and used for crypto arbitrage, generating yields of up to 45% a year. The ArbiSmart Accounts page shows, ahead of time, precisely how much you are guaranteed to earn per month and per year, based on the size of your investment.

Compound interest on your crypto arbitrage profits will boost your bottom line, as will your capital gains from the growing value of the RBIS token, which has already more than tripled in value since it was introduced in early 2019.

The community has remained loyal in large part because ArbiSmart, which  is  EU regulated, has a strong online reputation for meeting its profit guarantees and providing a reliable, secure and profitable investment opportunity.

While the value of the project is clear, we have not yet explained why analysts are projecting such a huge leap in the months and years ahead.

One reason is that in 2020, ArbiSmart grew by 150%, and client acquisition has been climbing rapidly ever since. This rate is expansion is set to increase even further, with the launch of a number of additional token utilities in the second half of 2021, as the company introduces an interest-bearing wallet and a crypto credit card, among other new products and services.

Supply Outpacing Demand

It’s worth noting that the total supply of RBIS that can ever be created is capped at 450 million. As the platform continues its steady growth, causing demand for the token to climb, supply will fall, pushing up the price even higher.

RBIS is currently in the process of being listed and it will be tradable on the exchanges in Q4, 2021. Once it is listed,  if you wish to use the ArbiSmart platform, you will need to buy RBIS on an exchange. However, getting ArbiSmart users to part with their tokens will be a challenge, since the platform generates exceptional long-term profits from crypto arbitrage and the RBIS token is on a consistent upward trajectory

High Profit Potential

RBIS has already proven its worth and is gaining momentum by the day, with the upcoming expansion of token utilities and listing on the exchanges. By the end of the year, it is projected to rise to twenty times its current price and by the end of 2023, it is forecast to experience a 4,000% jump in value.

Want to get in on the action, while you still can, before the price of RBIS really takes off? Sign up with ArbiSmart now.

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