This New Coin Will Earn You Higher Profits than BTC
This New Coin Will Earn You Higher Profits than BTC

This New Coin Will Earn You Higher Profits than BTC

By Crypto Advertising - 1 Jun 2021

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Cryptocurrencies have had an eventful year with prices soaring to unprecedented highs and then suddenly sinking. Bitcoin went from less than $10,000 for one BTC to over $60,000 then dropped by almost 50%, before changing direction once again.  

Altcoins of all kinds have had a wild ride, experiencing dramatic ups and downs, over the last twelve months. However, one coin, RBIS, has been on a consistent upward trajectory, unaffected by recent crypto market volatility. RBIS is the native token of ArbiSmart, an EU licensed crypto arbitrage platform and its steady, unwavering growth has made it a coin to watch in the later half of 2021 and beyond. 

What Is the RBIS Utility?

ArbiSmart is a fully automated crypto arbitrage platform. This means that it generates profits by taking advantage of temporary price inefficiencies – brief intervals in which a coin is available across exchanges, at different prices, at the same time. 

These temporary price disparities are caused by a variety of factors such as a difference in trade volumes between smaller and larger exchanges. After a short time, often just a few minutes, the market will naturally correct, and the inefficiency will resolve itself.

ArbiSmart’s machine learning algorithm exploits these narrow windows of opportunity. It automatically scans hundreds of cryptocurrencies simultaneously, 24/7, across 35 exchanges. When it finds an inefficiency, it buys the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest, and then instantly sells it on the exchange where the price is highest, for returns of up to 45% a year.

Since crypto arbitrage is not vulnerable to market volatility, it is a very low-risk investment strategy, and a great hedge against a crash. Whatever the direction of the market, price inefficiencies continue to arise with the same regularity and present consistent revenue opportunities.

What Do You Need to Do?

You start off by checking, in advance, how much you will earn per month and per year, based on your investment amount. You then sign up, deposit funds and that’s it, from your side. The platform takes over from there, converting your fiat or digital currency into RBIS to generate passive profits from crypto arbitrage, ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year, depending on the size of your deposit. 

In addition, you will earn compound interest on your crypto arbitrage profits as well as capital gains on the rising value of the RBIS token. Keep in mind that since the token was introduced in early 2019, it has already quadrupled in value, and for a number of reasons outlined below, RBIS is projected to soar in price to twenty times its current value by the end of 2021, and to go up by 4,000% by the end of 2023

What’s Behind the Recent Buzz?

The ArbiSmart project has experienced rapid growth since its creation just two years ago, going up by 150% in 2020 alone. Since then, client acquisition has soared and is continuing to climb steadily, as the popularity and liquidity of the platform increases. 

Demand for the token is expected to increase throughout 2021, due to the fact that a variety of new utilities are in the pipeline for launch in Q3 and Q4 of this year, including an interest-bearing wallet and crypto credit card, which like the crypto arbitrage platform will be EU regulated. Also, by the final quarter of 2021, the token will be tradable on exchanges, and listing will cause the price to appreciate further. It should be noted that the total RBIS supply that can ever be created is limited to 450 million tokens, and as the community grows and demand rises, the number of tokens available for purchase will fall. 

RBIS is at an exciting point in its journey. There is currently a great deal of development activity, with new products and upgrades on the way, as well as the exchange listing. Those who already own the token will have very little incentive to sell as prices go up, as they are making unmatched long-term profits both from crypto arbitrage and the steady rise in the token value.

While the Bitcoin boat may have sailed, it’s just the beginning for RBIS, and the forecast is incredibly bright. 

Learn more about the project, or purchase RBIS here.

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.

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