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Why RBIS Coin Climbed 420% in a Falling Bitcoin Market


Digital assets have been experiencing incredible volatility recently. The current bear market has dealt a severe financial blow to crypto investors, who just a few weeks ago were celebrating huge gains from an extended bull run. Bitcoin is down 43% from its mid-April peak of $64,829, and these boom and bust dynamics are likely to have a significant negative impact on institutional investment.

To protect their crypto portfolios from further losses an increasing number of investors have turned to a project that appears to be immune to the current bear trend. ArbiSmart is an EU regulated crypto arbitrage platform. Its native token RBIS, has already quadrupled in value since it was introduced, just two years ago, and it is projected to rise by 4,000% by 2023. 

To find out why, let’s dig a little deeper.

Armor Against Market Uncertainty

As a crypto arbitrage platform, ArbiSmart makes money by taking advantage of temporary inefficiencies across exchanges – brief intervals during which a coin will be available at different prices at the same time.  These short-term price disparities can occur for a variety of reasons, such as differences in trading volume between smaller and larger exchanges, and they tend to resolve themselves relatively quickly, often within a matter of minutes. 

Integrated with 35 exchanges, the ArbiSmart algorithm monitors hundreds of coins simultaneously, around the clock, looking for temporary price inefficiencies to exploit. It will automatically buy the coin on the exchange with the lowest available price and then instantly sell it on the exchange with the highest available price to make a profit on the spread. 

Since the system is fully automated, users just register, make a deposit in either fiat or crypto and then the platform does the rest, converting the funds into RBIS for use trading crypto arbitrage. Able to handle a huge volume of transactions simultaneously, the platform generates guaranteed passive profits ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year, depending on the amount invested, as well as compound interest on those earnings.

A crypto arbitrage investment strategy is particularly low risk because it is not dependent on the crypto market maintaining, or changing, its trajectory. Unaffected by volatility, price inefficiencies occur with the same consistency whether there is a bull or bear trend, continuing to provide lucrative opportunities. For this reason, the RBIS token has steadily risen in value, even as other digital assets crash, since a significant number of investors have turned to ArbiSmart as a great way to hedge against a falling market.  There is a cap of 450 million on the amount of RBIS that can ever enter into circulation, and if demand continues to rise, supply will keep falling, driving up the price.

ArbiSmart grew by 150% in 2020, and client-acquisition has been on the rise ever since. Analysts are projecting that by the end of 2021, the token will have risen to twenty times its current value and part of the reasoning behind this highly optimistic forecast is the upcoming listing of the token as well as a packed development schedule for the second half of the year.

A Busy Development Roadmap

ArbiSmart has recently seen a flurry of development activity, with upgrades to its servers and infrastructure to improve the speed, functionality and security of the system and these updates are set to continue through Q3 and Q4 of 2021.

It should be noted that the project has a proven record of tight security, with no history of system breaches. It is fully EU regulated and has an excellent reputation within the crypto community for maintaining a stable, reliable and user-friendly investment experience.

In addition to system upgrades, ArbiSmart is launching a number of new utilities in the second half of 2021, like its upcoming interest-bearing wallet for both fiat and crypto. The introduction of new products and services is scheduled to continue straight into early 2022, with a crypto credit card, a mobile app, and high-interest, yield farming program on the way.

In Q4 of 2021, RBIS will be listed and then anyone who wants to invest using the ArbiSmart platform will need to buy the coin on an exchange, but token holders will have no real incentive to sell.  Owning RBIS means long-term revenues from crypto arbitrage, as well as compound interest on those profits and of course capital gains from the rising value of the token. In fact, the RBIS belonging to investors who joined ArbiSmart in early 2019 has already gone up in price by over 420%.  Supply is dropping, demand is continuing to grow, and ArbiSmart clients are earning passive profits of up to 45% a year for a EUR account, and much more for an RBIS account, giving them every reason to HODL their tokens. 

Converting your digital currency to RBIS not only shields you from further losses from the crypto crash but also offers a lucrative revenue opportunity with a coin that analysts project is about to soar in price. Invest with ArbiSmart and you benefit from a bull run, even in a bear market.

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