Triple Your Bitcoin and Euro Savings in 2021 with this Strategy
Triple Your Bitcoin and Euro Savings in 2021 with this Strategy

Triple Your Bitcoin and Euro Savings in 2021 with this Strategy

By Crypto Advertising - 26 Jun 2021

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We’re all well aware of the speculative nature of digital currencies, but so far, 2021 has been a particularly eventful year for the crypto markets. Bitcoin and all kinds of altcoins have had a bumpy ride, with unprecedented highs followed by plummeting prices.

Despite the incredible volatility experienced across the board, there is one altcoin that has not only held its own, seemingly immune to the dramatic crypto price fluctuations, but has also been skyrocketing in price. 

RBIS, the native token of ArbiSmart, an EU licensed crypto arbitrage platform has already risen in value by 400% and, according to analysts, is projected to rise to 40 times its current price by 2023.

Minimizing Exposure

The ArbiSmart platform performs fully automated crypto arbitrage- a low risk form of investment that does not depend on market volatility to generate a profit. Instead, it exploits price inefficiencies – brief intervals during which a coin is available at different prices at the same time. These temporary inefficiencies can have a variety of causes such as differences in liquidity or trading volume between exchanges. They will often be brief, sometimes lasting only a matter of minutes, and will occur with the same regularity whether the market is rising or falling.

When you sign up with the ArbiSmart platform you deposit funds in either crypto or fiat currency and then the automated algorithmic trading system takes it from there. Your funds are converted into RBIS and then used for crypto arbitrage trading. The algorithm tracks hundreds of coins across 35 exchanges 24/7, looking for price disparities between exchanges. It will automatically buy the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest and then sell for a profit on the exchange where the price is highest, before the temporary discrepancy disappears.

In recent months, at the height of the crypto crash, ArbiSmart saw a major upturn in platform liquidity and popularity as many investors turned to the RBIS token as a haven. By converting their BTC and ETH into RBIS they could hedge against a falling market, as boom or bust, yields from price inefficiencies will remain consistent. 

Optimizing Profits

The platform generates reliable profits from crypto arbitrage that start at 10.8% and reach up to 45% a year. You can consult ArbiSmart’s yield table to see precisely how much you will make monthly and annually, within that profit range, based on the size of your deposit.

As well as profits from crypto arbitrage, you will be earning compound interest on your account. Then of course there are also capital gains from the growing value of the RBIS token, which has already more than quadrupled in value since it was introduced just two years ago.

Analysts are projecting that the token will rise to twenty times its current value by the end of 2021 for a variety of reasons, with a major factor being ArbiSmart’s busy development schedule for the year ahead. 

Expanding Services

In the second half of 2021, ArbiSmart has number of new utilities for the RBIS token scheduled for release, including an interest-bearing wallet, for fiat and crypto that will offer rates of up to 45% a year, depending on the account type, deposit sum and account currency that is chosen. 

The launch of new products and services is scheduled to continue into Q1 and Q2 of 2022, with the introduction of a crypto credit card, a new mobile app and a highly competitive yield farming program. 

Accelerating Growth

Another reason for the positive forecasts for RBIS, in the year ahead, is that in 2020, ArbiSmart saw 150% growth, and client acquisition has soared since then. As demand grows for the token, the price will rise, since supply is capped and only 450 million tokens will ever be created. 

In addition, the token is set to be listed in Q4 2021, at which point anyone wishing to use the ArbiSmart platform will need to buy RBIS on an exchange. Token holders will have zero reason to sell, as in HODLing their RBIS, they will be earning up to 45% from crypto arbitrage trading as well as sizable profits from the growing value of RBIS.

Within the crypto community, the RBIS token is receiving a lot of attention, as a promising up-and-coming altcoin that is rapidly gaining momentum. It has provided a low risk, hedging opportunity, in a highly volatile crypto climate, while steadily rising in value, and generating generous passive profits, even as other cryptocurrencies crashed.

If you want to buy in,while the price remains affordable, purchase RBIS now.

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