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This Coin is outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum and Doubling the Profits


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have had a wild year, characterized by exceptional volatility. With all the upheaval BTC investors have been looking for a secure haven for their crypto that not only shields them from a further drop in prices, but also provides a steady, profitable and reliable revenue stream. 

The solution chosen by a growing portion of the crypto community is RBIS, the native token of ArbiSmart, an EU licensed, automated, crypto arbitrage platform. The token has already more than quadrupled in value since it was launched in 2019, rising steadily even during the recent crypto market crash, and it is projected to soar to forty times the current price in the next two years alone.

Rising Demand, Limited Supply

The RBIS token has an exciting year ahead, and for those who get in on the ground floor, this could be an excellent opportunity. For a start, RBIS is about to gain a number of additional  EU regulated utilities, which should positively impact the token price. These include an interest-bearing wallet for both crypto and fiat, which is scheduled for launch in Q4 2021 as well as a mobile app, a crypto credit card and a highly competitive yield farming program, which will be available to ArbiSmart clients in early 2022. These new products and services are also  following closely on the heels of a series of recent system infrastructure upgrades. 

In addition, in Q4, 2021 the RBIS token is set to be listed, which is almost certain to drive up the price further. 

ArbiSmart experienced year-over-year growth of 150% in 2020 and since then the platform has seen a huge increase in users. While token demand grows by the day, there is only a limited supply of 450 million RBIS that can ever be created, which is likely to push the value even higher.

Zero Effort, Minimal Risk

The ArbiSmart platform performs automated crypto arbitrage, an exceptionally low-risk investment strategy that does not leave you vulnerable to crypto market volatility. It generates profits by exploiting temporary price disparities across exchanges- brief intervals during which a coin is available at different prices at the same time.

 ArbiSmart is connected to 35 exchanges, and it scans them 24 hours a day monitoring hundreds of cryptocurrencies at once looking for price differences. The algorithm buys the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest, and then instantly sells it on the exchange where the price is highest, before the market adjusts to resolve the discrepancy.

Temporary price disparities can occur for a variety of reasons, such as differences in the liquidity levels or trading volume between bigger and smaller exchanges. These crypto arbitrage opportunities will continue to occur, whether prices are soaring or crashing. For this reason, it is considered to be a great hedge in a digital currency market downturn.

Once you register with ArbiSmart, and deposit funds, your part is done. From that point on, the platform takes over, converting your crypto or fiat into RBIS and using it to perform crypto arbitrage, for returns of up to 45% a year, depending on the size of your deposit

One Project, Many Sources of Profit

The ArbiSmart accounts table displays in advance exactly how much you will make, monthly and annually, based on your account level, with passive profits from crypto arbitrage starting at 10.8% and reaching as high as 45% a year. 

You will also receive compound interest on those earnings as well as capital gains from the rising value of the RBIS token, which has already gone up by 420% in the two years since it was introduced.  In addition, if you choose to place your funds in a locked savings account for a set period, you can earn as much as 1% a day in interest.

The RBIS token price looks to be set to soar in the coming months, as it grows in popularity, becomes listed on exchanges and adds a broad selection of value-added utilities and infrastructural upgrades.

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