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This Hot New Coin Shot Up 450% in a Bear Market


Crypto has had a crazy year, with Bitcoin down about 50%, from its April peak and all types of altcoins experiencing a similar downward trajectory. While many believe that the recent slump is just a bump on the road to a crypto Wall Street takeover, there is no arguing with the fact that the recent bear trend has been a tough reminder of just how volatile digital assets can be. 

However, one coin seems to be completely unaffected by the ups and downs of the crypto market, continuing to rise steadily in price, month after month. RBIS is the token behind ArbiSmart, an automated crypto arbitrage platform. It has been generating a lot of buzz recently, with analysts projecting that the RBIS price will rise to forty times its current value by 2023.

RBIS: The Story So Far

RBIS was first introduced in 2019, and since then it has more than quadrupled in value, consistently gaining in popularity. 2020, year-over-year growth was 150% and user acquisition has shot up since then. As token demand rises, supply is limited, with the amount of RBIS that can ever be created capped at 450 million.

In spite of its success, the development team has not been sitting on its laurels. Instead, it has been implementing a series of upgrades to the system architecture, with more on the way. Moreover, RBIS is slated to be listed on the exchanges later this year, and there are some major new RBIS utilities in the pipeline, for launch in the coming months, but more on these developments later. 

For now, let’s examine the utility behind the token and how it is specifically designed to generate profits for ArbiSmart platform users even in a falling market.

The ArbiSmart Project

The ArbiSmart project seems to have a solid online reputation, and no hacks or fraud on its record. It is fully EU licensed and regulated with all the protections that this provides, from maintenance of sufficient capital to cover all accounts to external auditing and tough data security requirements.  

The platform uses an algorithm to perform crypto arbitrage, a type of investing that exploits temporary price inefficiencies. These inefficiencies are brief intervals, sometimes lasting just a few minutes, in which a coin is available at different prices at the same time across a number of exchanges. These price discrepancies can have a variety of causes, such as disparities in trading volume and liquidity levels between exchanges of different sizes. 

The way it works is that ArbiSmart’s automated system is integrated with around 35 exchanges, which it monitors, 24/7, looking for price inefficiencies on hundreds of coins simultaneously. On finding a price difference, it buys the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest, then sells it instantly, on the exchange where the price is highest, to earn a profit before the window closes and the discrepancy is resolved. 

From the platform user’s perspective, you just sign up, deposit funds in either fiat or crypto, and then get on with the rest of your day, while the algorithm generates profits ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year, depending on the size of your investment. To see, in advance, exactly how much you will make monthly and annually, you can consult the ArbiSmart accounts table

Since price inefficiencies are not impacted by price volatility, you can continue to make a steady, predictable profit from crypto arbitrage, even if the market takes a sudden sharp turn.  As a result, in the recent bear market a large number of investors chose ArbiSmart as a calm port in the storm. Providing a great hedging opportunity, the platform enabled investors to safely store their Bitcoin and Ethereum, without it continuing to lose value, while also earning a generous monthly yield. 

It should be noted that in addition to crypto arbitrage profits platform users earn compound interest, as well as capital gains from the climbing RBIS token price, which has already gone up by 450%. Those who choose to open a savings account, which is locked, for a pre-set period, can also earn interest that at the highest account tiers can reach as high as 1% a day.

Future Growth Indicators

As promised, we are going to now look at a few of the factors that shaped the positive analyst projections for the future of the RBIS token.  First of all, there is the busy development schedule that includes a number of system upgrades in Q3 and Q4 of 2021, in addition to a variety of new products and services, such as the upcoming ArbiSmart interest-bearing wallet. By early 2022, the new RBIS utilities will also include a yield farming program, a mobile app and a crypto credit card. 

Then of course, there is the listing, scheduled for Q4 2021, and RBIS becoming tradable is likely to significantly drive up the price. At that point, anyone looking to use the ArbiSmart platform will need to purchase RBIS on an exchange. Finding willing sellers will be a challenge since RBIS holders will be incentivized to HODL, as they will be receiving long-term crypto arbitrage yields, as well as profiting from the steady appreciation of the token.

RBIS is a rising star, and this seems like a great time to buy if you want to get in early before the price shoots into orbit. Want to seize the moment? Purchase RBIS now.

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