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The Best Coin to Buy this August


Following a few tough months, the crypto market is finally seeing a turnaround, with a new bullish trend that has seen Bitcoin sail past the $40,000 mark and continue to rise. As a result, investors are looking for opportunities where they can shield their recent gains from a sudden reversal, while also generating additional profits.

One coin that ticks all the boxes is RBIS. It is the native token behind ArbiSmart, a licensed crypto arbitrage platform that has started commanding attention for its continued upward trajectory, even in the recent bear market.

Crypto strategists are sitting up and taking notice with analysts now projecting that within the next two years, the price will rise to forty times its current value.

A High Yield Project

ArbiSmart generates highly competitive yields from crypto arbitrage, an automated investment strategy.  It works by exploiting the fact that for a short window of time, a cryptocurrency can be available across a number of exchanges at different prices simultaneously. An algorithm tracks multiple exchanges 24/7 monitoring for price differences, automatically buying the cryptocurrency on the exchange where the price is lowest and then, within seconds, selling it, wherever the price is highest.

ArbiSmart’s account table displays in advance how much you can expect to make monthly and annually, based on the size of your deposit, with APYs ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year.

Compound interest is offered for every size and type of investment, but those who choose to lock their funds in a high-yield savings account for a predetermined period will receive additional passive profits of as much as 1% a day, at the highest account levels.

The token price is also climbing steadily meaning that capital gains are substantial, and since RBIS was introduced in 2019, it has already more than quadrupled in value.

A Haven from Volatility

Unlike pretty much every other form of digital currency investing, crypto arbitrage profits are not tied directly to market volatility. Instead, they are generated from the temporary price disparities that occur when there are differences in size, trading volume or liquidity between exchanges. Since these price inefficiencies continue to emerge, generating sky-high returns, even in a crash, ArbiSmart provides a valuable hedge against the market suddenly switching trajectory once more, while also providing a great source of passive crypto profits.

As a result, RBIS has been creating buzz in recent months as it was part of the exclusive club of digital assets that actually soared in price during the recent slump.

One more major factor that lends ArbiSmart an edge right now is the fact that the team behind the project has a jam-packed development schedule. Q3 and Q4 will see the continuation of a series of significant upgrades to ArbiSmart infrastructure as well as the introduction of new utilities, such as the upcoming interest-bearing wallet supporting both fiat and crypto. The momentum will continue into early 2022, with the release of a new mobile app, a crypto credit card and a yield farming program.

Growing Token Demand

The RBIS token has sky-rocked in price since it was introduced, rising by 450% in just two years. Year-over-year growth in 2020 stood at 150% and client acquisition has really taken off since then. As more utilities are launched, and interest in token rises, the supply remains capped at 450 million RBIS, which is a good sign for future token demand.

The upcoming RBIS listing in Q4 2021 is another important reason strategists are getting behind the token. Becoming tradable is likely to drive up the value, once investors have to purchase RBIS on an exchange to use any ArbiDSmart utilities. .

So far this month, the crypto market is trending bullish, and while hopes are high that this is an early indicator of a long-term change in trajectory, the only certainty is that digital currency remains the financial world’s most volatile asset class. This means that in spite of cautious optimism, many crypto holders are hesitant about taking unnecessary risks with their growing portfolio with a low risk strategy and want to protect their bull market earnings while adding to them.

Now is the time to buy RBIS as the price is clearly about to soar, as the community grows, new utilities are launched, and the token makes it onto the exchanges. Price won’t be this reasonable for long, so if you want to seize the moment, before the price shoots up, click here.

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