Which Coin to Buy When Crypto is Bullish
Which Coin to Buy When Crypto is Bullish

Which Coin to Buy When Crypto is Bullish

By Crypto Advertising - 14 Aug 2021

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Over the last few weeks, crypto prices have exited their recent slump and the market is seeing an upturn. Now, investors are trying to assess whether digital assets are likely to take another dive or whether the market is in for an extended bull run.

The best coin to buy in this type of crypto climate has momentum, and growth potential, can safeguard your Bitcoin and Ethereum against a sharp change in market direction, while also providing a generous return on investment so that you can consolidate your crypto gains. 

One coin that meets all these criteria is RBIS. This up-and-comer is the native token of the ArbiSmart project, which provides licensed, fully automated crypto arbitrage services.

The Right Strategy for the Current Market

Crypto arbitrage is an investment strategy that exploits those instances where a cryptocurrency is briefly available on multiple exchanges at the same time, at different prices. 

ArbiSmart’s algorithm, connected with nearly 40 exchanges, searches for price differences, round the clock, on hundreds of coins. When it identifies a disparity across exchanges, it instantly buys the coin at the lowest price and then sells at the highest.

The reason this is such a popular crypto strategy is that profits are stable and reliable, which is pretty rare when in the crypto arena. In fact, the ArbiSmart accounts table shows, in advance, exactly how much you will make, ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year (0.9% to 3.75% a month), depending on the size of your deposit. It should be noted that you will also be earning compound interest on those earnings, and if you choose to open an ArbiSmart savings account, where your funds are locked for a pre-set timeframe, then you can make up to 1% a day, in additional passive income. 

Profits are so predictable with crypto arbitrage because whether prices are soaring or sinking, price differences will continue to occur and generate a steady profit. These disparities are generally caused by differences in size, trading volume and liquidity between exchanges and will continue to arise even if the market experiences a sharp drop. As a result, in a bull market, many investors turn to ArbiSmart to ensure that a sudden price reversal doesn’t eliminate all their gains, while also ensuring their crypto capital earns exceptionally high passive profits. 

Equally, during the recent crash, many crypto holders used ArbiSmart as a hedge, one that allowed them to staunch the bleeding from falling prices while enabling them to grow their portfolios significantly.

The ArbiSmart platform has been gaining in popularity since it was launched in 2019, and the RBIS token has been on a consistent upward trajectory. The price has already risen by 500%, and analysts are projecting a rise to forty times the current price by 2023. So, in addition to revenues from crypto arbitrage and interest, ArbiSmart platform users are also making great capital gains on the rising value of the token.

The Factors Fueling Future Gains

The extremely positive projections for the RBIS token are based in part on historic performance. For example, ArbiSmart experienced 150% year-over-year growth in 2020 and since then client acquisition has climbed significantly. However, the buzz around the coin is also based on developments that are currently being rolled out and those in the pipeline for the months ahead, which should drive up the RBIS price.

There have been a number of major upgrades recently to the system architecture and more are on the way for Q3 and Q4, alongside the introduction of a series of new utilities for the RBIS token, such as the upcoming crypto and fiat interest-generating wallet. In early 2022, these will be followed up by the launch of a yield farming program, mobile app and crypto credit card.

From Q4 of this year, anyone who wants to use any RBIS utility will need to purchase it on an exchange as the token is about to be listed. As demand grows, and supply remains permanently capped at 450 million, the price is likely to climb higher. 

Now, as investors look to benefit from the boom, the RBIS token is perfectly situated to soar. It is growing in popularity, with high yields, and long-term potential growth, while also protecting your assets in case this bull run ends like the last one, in another sudden crash.   

If you want to buy before the price goes up further, purchase RBIS here.

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