The Best Way to Earn a Crypto Passive Income in 2021
The Best Way to Earn a Crypto Passive Income in 2021

The Best Way to Earn a Crypto Passive Income in 2021

By Crypto Advertising - 15 Aug 2021

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Since early 2020 when the pandemic started impacting people’s livelihoods, there has been a sharp rise in interest in ways to generate supplementary revenue from the comfort (or the confines) of home. Combine this with the dramatic bull run at the start of the year leading to wider adoption of crypto assets and sources of crypto passive income have become a hot topic.

Finding a secure, profitable, low risk and low effort crypto opportunity is not all that easy, but there is one project that is gaining in popularity and growing at an incredible pace. ArbiSmart, is a crypto arbitrage platform that so far in 2021 has been generating a lot of buzz. 

Let’s see why strategists are considering it such a promising crypto investment channel.

Making Certain the Risk Level Is Low

If there is one word that perfectly describes crypto trading, it’s volatility. Those who choose to day trade, taking advantage of the sharp price movements that characterize the crypto market can earn big but also lose it all in a heartbeat. 

In contrast, ArbiSmart performs automated crypto arbitrage, an exceptionally low risk strategy, which does not leave you vulnerable to market volatility.

Crypto arbitrage involves exploiting temporary price disparities between exchanges. In other words, for brief periods a coin can be available on Exchange A at one price and simultaneously be available on Exchanges B and C at different prices. On finding a price disparity, ArbiSmart’s algorithm, which is integrated with 35 exchanges where it monitors hundreds of coins, 24/7, will instantly buy the coin wherever it is cheapest and then sell it for a profit on the exchange where the price is highest.

As a platform user, you just sign up, make a fiat or crypto deposit and then get on with your day, while the platform automatically converts your funds into RBIS, the native token, and uses them to trade crypto arbitrage on your behalf. 

In the recent crypto slump ArbiSmart offered crypto holders the opportunity to stop the losses to the value of their Bitcoin and Ethereum, while also enabling them to earn exceptionally high monthly and annual yields. This is because price disparities will keep occurring no matter whether the market turns bullish or bearish, ensuring a reliable, steady crypto arbitrage profit, even if the price suddenly moves sharply. 

Guaranteeing that Security Is Airtight

When it comes to the world of crypto, the biggest danger to novice and pro investors alike is from those who exploit the anonymity and under-regulation of the space to perpetrate hacks and fraud. So, you need a platform that will take strict measures to safeguard your crypto capital.  

ArbiSmart is EU licensed. This means it has to adhere to certain regulatory requirements, such as implementing ID verification and anti-money laundering procedures, submitting to regular external audits, maintaining client capital protections and using tough technological data security protocols.

Ensuring that Passive Profits Are High

For most people, the most important metric by which they measure any investment opportunity is profits. In this respect ArbiSmart doesn’t disappoint. The amount you can earn is determined by the amount you deposit, with annual yields ranging from 10.8% to 45%. The regularity of crypto arbitrage profits means that you can know in advance exactly how much you’ll be making per month and per year, based on your account tier

You will also be making compound interest, and if you have chosen to place your RBIS in a savings account, which is locked for a set period, you will be making an extra source of passive income that at the top account levels can reach as high as to 1% a day!

Last, but far from least, you will be receiving capital gains from the rising value of the RBIS token, which in just two years has already gone up by 500%. It  is projected to go up to twenty times that amount by the end of the year and rise to forty times its current value by 2023! 

Establishing Long-term Portfolio Growth 

On closer inspection, these projections are unsurprising. One of the primary reasons that ArbiSmart is being heralded as one of the best crypto investment opportunities of 2021 is its steady growth. Since the project was launched in 2019, it has been on a consistent upward trajectory. In 2020, ArbiSmart had 150% year-over-year growth and platform usage has been climbing ever since.  

One way in which ArbiSmart is building sustainable growth is that the development team has been exceptionally busy and has a packed schedule through Q3 and Q4 of 2021 and into early 2022. A number of substantial system upgrades are being implemented and new utilities for the RBIS token are being introduced, including an interest-bearing wallet, a mobile app, a yield farming program and a crypto credit card.  

While demand for the token continues to grow, supply is permanently limited to 450 million RBIS and once the coin is listed on the exchanges, a move which is set for Q4 2021, the price is likely to shoot up even further.

As we’ve seen, choosing a mode of crypto investment involves consideration of a wide range of factors from security and reliability to current and future profit potential. In all these respects the ArbiSmart project and its native token RBIS is setting the standard as one of, if not the best way to earn a crypto passive income in 2021. 

To buy RBIS now, click here.

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