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The Fastest, Safest Way to Earn 45% Passive Profit with Your Bitcoin and Ether


When most people think of crypto, “safe”, and “simple” aren’t the first words to come to mind. But you don’t have to ride the Bitcoin rollercoaster to profit from the lucrative cryptocurrency markets. There is another, more secure way and it’s gaining massively in popularity, partly due to Coronavirus leading many to look for new sources of income from home, and partly due to the increasing legitimacy and  growing adoption of digital assets.

Crypto arbitrage is a low-risk investment strategy that is now widely used by investment firms, financial institutions, corporations and retail investors. The leading platform in the field, ArbiSmart, along with its native token, RBIS, is gaining a lot of traction for its competitive yields, consistent growth, and reliable record.

Safety, and Reliability

Let’s, first of all, look at the security issue. ArbiSmart is EU licensed and this guarantees compliance with rigorous regulatory requirements relating to data security, external oversight, client capital coverage, and ID verification. The company has a clean record with no history of hacks or fraud and there is transparency with regard to every aspect of the investment process, from bank fees to the annual and monthly profit percentages, which are published on the site.

Before we go any further, now might be a good time to discuss what crypto arbitrage is and how it generates a profit. Arbitrage is the process of buying a product in one place and then selling it elsewhere at higher price.  Crypto arbitrage works on the same principle. It involves taking advantage of  price disparities across exchanges. These are brief instances where temporarily, a cryptocurrency will be available at different prices, on various exchanges, at the same time.

ArbiSmart’s automated crypto arbitrage platform is integrated with almost 40 exchanges, which monitors 24/7, scanning for price differences on hundreds of coins. It will buy the coin at the lowest possible price, before selling for a profit on the exchange where the price is highest, completing the series of transactions within seconds.

As a platform user, you just deposit funds in either crypto or fiat, and then leave the rest up to the ArbiSmart algorithm, which converts your deposit into RBIS, the platform’s native token and uses it for crypto arbitrage trading.

The risk involved is far lower than with other forms of crypto investing because even if the market were to change direction suddenly, price differences between exchanges would continue to arise with the same consistency as ever, providing a reliable steady revenue.

Impressive Monthly Yields

Obviously, profitability counts more than any other factor, when evaluating an investment strategy. At ArbiSmart earnings are high because clients can profit from a number of revenue streams.

Crypto arbitrage earnings range from 0.9% to 3.75% per month (10.8% to 45% a year) based on your deposit amount. You will also receive compound interest and have the option to earn savings account profits. If you lock your funds in a closed savings account for a set period, at the highest account levels, you can earn as much as 1% interest a day.

Then finally there are capital gains from the rising price of RBIS.  Since it was introduced just two years ago the token has gone up in value by 450% and by 2023, it is projected to rise to forty times its current price.

Consistent Project Growth

Another reason why ArbiSmart is such a good crypto investment is its long-term revenue potential. Last year alone, year-over-year growth stood at 150% and the popularity of the platform has soared since then.  Even though demand has increased, supply remains capped at 450M, which should have a positive impact on the token value.

Sustained growth is also being ensured by the fact that ArbiSmart has major upgrades on the way throughout Q3 and Q4, as well as a number of new RBIS utilities, such as an interest- generating crypto and fiat wallet. In early 2022, these developments will be joined by a crypto credit card, mobile app and yield farming program.

In Q4 of 2021, RBIS is going to be listed, at which point anyone hoping to use any RBIS utility at all will need to buy the token on an exchange, which is likely to drive up the price further.  People will be unlikely to wish to sell the RBIS they are holding as they will be learning great long-term revenues and profiting from the rising value of the token.

With monthly crypto arbitrage profits reaching almost 4% and a native token being listed and gaining a series of new EU licensed utilities, ArbiSmart offers a secure, rapid passive profits that are only going to climb higher in the months ahead.

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*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.

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