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5 Rules for Making Money from a Crypto Bull Trend


After crypto prices plummeted in April by as much as 50%, digital assets have started rising again. Prices are bullish, and investors are looking for the best way to exploit the upturn without leaving themselves vulnerable to another sudden crash.

Want to be smart about profiting from the current bull run? Follow these rules:

Rule 1: Choose a Strategy that Will Protect Your Gains

If you want to build on the capital gains from the rising value of your Bitcoin and Ethereum while also ensuring that a sudden drop in value doesn’t wipe out your profits, a great solution is crypto arbitrage.

This is a form of investing that exploits temporary price differences across exchanges. Since exchanges of different sizes have varying liquidity levels and trading volumes, for a short time, a coin may become available on Exchange A at one price but simultaneously be available on Exchanges B, C, and D at different prices.

To see how it works, let’s look at ArbiSmart, an automated crypto arbitrage platform, which is integrated around forty exchanges. 24/7, an algorithm monitors hundreds of coins at once, looking for price differences, then buys where the price is lowest and sells at the highest possible price to generate a profit.

You sign up, fund your account with fiat or crypto and let ArbiSmart take it from there. Your capital is automatically converted into RBIS, the platform’s native token, and then it is used to trade crypto arbitrage for returns of up to 3.75% a month.

The primary advantage is that if the market suddenly shifts direction, your capital retains its value. Even if a bull trend turns bearish, price disparities across exchanges will continue to occur with the same consistency as ever. With crypto arbitrage, you will continue to earn a steady profit whatever happens to the crypto market, making it a great hedge for the world’s most volatile asset class.

As a result, profits are predictable. For example, at ArbiSmart, profits are guaranteed in advance. You can consult the project yield table to see precisely how much you will make, ranging from 0.9% to 3.75% a month (10.8% to 45% a year), depending on the size of your investment.

Rule 2: Prioritize Security Over All Else

There is no point at all in earning a fortune from your crypto capital if it’s going to be lost to hacks or fraud. You need to choose a crypto project that has no record of legal difficulties or system breaches and that meets high-security standards with accountability and transparency.

ArbiSmart is licensed across the European Union. This means that it is required to comply with tough regulations relating to ID verification and anti-money laundering procedures, maintenance of client capital protections, rigorous system data security protocols, and external oversight through regular auditing.

Rule 3: Select a Project with Multiple Revenue Streams

Diversity is key, and in order to optimize your revenue potential, you want an investment opportunity that offers various sources of passive income at once.

At ArbiSmart, for example, you are not only making up to 45% a year from crypto arbitrage but are also earning compound interest on those profits. Additionally, if you choose to place your crypto capital in a locked savings account, which is closed for a pre-determined period, you can earn an extra source of passive profits reaching as high as 1% per day, at the highest account tiers.

Another revenue stream comes from capital gains on the rising value of the RBIS token, which has already climbed by 520 % in the two years since it was introduced.

Rule 4: Pick a Coin with High Projected Future Growth

A lot of altcoins burn brightly and then flame out quickly. The ones that last over the long term have a valuable utility, a growing community, and a focus on constantly expanding and improving upon the project’s suite of services.

Meeting the brief, ArbiSmart offers a low-risk, high-return investing opportunity, and client acquisition has been climbing steadily over the last two years. Year-over-year growth in 2020 stood at 150%, and the community has been growing rapidly ever since.

Most notable, though, is ArbiSmart’s ambitious development schedule. So far in H2 of 2021, ArbiSmart has implemented some major upgrades to the system architecture, with more to come in the months ahead, and a number of new utilities for the RBIS token are also being introduced throughout Q4 and in Q1 2022. These include a mobile app, an interest-bearing wallet for crypto and fiat, a crypto credit card, and a yield farming program.

Additionally, in Q4 2021, the token is going to be listed, ensuring that if you want to use any RBIS utilities, from that point on, you will first need to purchase the token on an exchange. This should push up the price since token holders will be earning crypto arbitrage profits, interest, and capital gains and have little incentive to sell. It is also worth noting that as demand for the platform rises, supply will forever remain limited, as only 450M RBIS will ever be created.

For all these reasons, it is clear why analysts have projected a rise in the value of the RBIS token to forty times the current price by 2023.

Rule 5: Get Your Timing Right

Last but by no means least, you need to know when to make your move.

When crypto prices are rising, you may be tempted to hold on to your chosen coin to maximize your gains. However, it is a good idea to seize your profits and exit before prices peak if you suspect the coin is overvalued and will soon lose momentum.

On the other hand, if various indicators, such as historical performance, suggest that a coin is about to take off, you will want to get in on the ground floor while the price is still affordable.

Let’s return one more time to our ArbiSmart example. With the upcoming listing, new utilities, and the consistent upward trajectory of the token price, RBIS seems to be only months away from exploding. So with regard to timing, now is the moment to get on board for the best return on investment.

Want to start profiting from rising crypto prices? Follow these five rules, and you’ll be able to safely and smartly benefit from the current market bull run.

To learn more about crypto arbitrage, click here, or you can buy RBIS right now here.


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