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Civilization launches the world’s first 100% DEX crypto fund


Waiting for the official launch on Monday 23rd August 2021, the $CIV token from the Civilization community has the objective of developing the world’s first DEX Fund. 

The CIV DEX fund targets a strategy with an initial daily yield as high as 1% for its investors, which would equate to over 3,000% if sustained for a whole year. By staking ETH on its Artificial Intelligence-powered platform, CIV automatically makes markets using the highest yielding Uniswap v3 liquidity pools.

CIV has broad ambitions, one of which is to transform staking and investment using a DEX approach. Instead of relying on a human team of traders and analysts, it leverages 100% auditable code and automated multi-strategy selection leading to maximum yield at minimum risk with great ease of use. The impact of this is likely to be felt well beyond the world of crypto.  

At the time of launch, CIV will have already reached several major milestones:

  • Ethereum network launch of 300 million fixed-supply tokens, audited by MythX
  • 100% of the initial supply committed into a locked-forever liquidity pool
  • Custom-designed website
  • Technical CivPaper
  • NFT treasure hunt launch.

The idea of this new DEX fund was devised by the Civilization community. With the code-based approach of CIV, the decentralized community drives strategic decision-making, while the software code drives the investment strategy. The result is a trustless system driven by a set of performance-based principles enshrined in smart contract code.

CIV also attempts to solve key inefficiencies of other cryptocurrency investments, which often rely on the constant addition of new investors to sustain ROI or on complex token burning, transaction taxes, and other short-term devices. The Civilization community believes there must be an external source of wealth. CIV raises revenue from outside its own ecosystem and therefore creates an opportunity that is truly sustainable for everyone.

The decentralized investment platform

The CIV technology platform brings together three dedicated human communities:

  1. Traders: researchers who invent, test, and specify new strategies 
  2. Developers: software engineers who code, build and audit the strategies
  3. Marketers: passionate believers who spread the word and attract investors 

The founders claim to have designed a finely tuned balance of incentives for everyone to work together in a trustless anonymous way, for the mutual benefit of all – Investors, Traders, Marketers, Artists, Meme Lords, and Ladies, developers, and Financial Experts from all over the world. Exploiting the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to open up endless trading strategies and investment opportunities within the crypto space; trustless and without the need to confide in any specific person or institution.

The Civilization $CIV token is the main store of value and the equity that enables the project. Buying, staking, and providing liquidity for the CIV token are available for trading exclusively on the Ethereum network, through Shibaswap and Uniswap initially, and thereafter on a growing number of exchanges. 

CIV Platform – How it works

The CIV platform hosted on civfund.com allows holders to stake tokens and earn returns: 

  1. $CIV token actively traded on DEXs and can be acquired 24/7 
  2. ETH is invested for profit; CIV is the project’s store-of-value 
  3. ETH returns are redeemed with 20% commissions 
  4. 10% of the returns, which is half of the commissions, are used to buy and burn CIV 
  5. 10% of the returns, which is the other half of the commissions, are used to fund execution costs
  6. Investors can buy and stake at any point and redeem/unstake and sell at any pre-set daily or weekly window.

Yield generated by the CIV platform has a transparent allocation of rewards:  

  • Investment returns are automatically reinvested for maximum compounding  
  • At the exit, investors receive 80% of returns plus the initial tokens staked  
  • 10% of returns buy CIV to burn them, the remaining 10% balance funds execution costs  

The initial implementation of CIV is an advanced trading and staking platform to manage Uniswap v3 liquidity pool arbitrage, with an initial target of 1% daily compound interest. This builds a growing community fund, a starting point for sustained growth. 

The community is effectively its own bank, funding community projects chosen by community-appointed leaders and DAO-voting for major strategic decisions. 


Telegram: https://t.me/civsettlers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/token_civ


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