How Your Bitcoin Can Make 45% Passive Profit a Year
How Your Bitcoin Can Make 45% Passive Profit a Year

How Your Bitcoin Can Make 45% Passive Profit a Year

By Crypto Advertising - 28 Aug 2021

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The crypto markets can be hard to predict. So far in 2021, the prices of digital assets have risen to an all-time high before crashing and then soaring once again. 

What investors are looking for in this climate is a way to earn a steady, predictable profit from their Bitcoin and Ethereum and the most lucrative way to do that is with ArbiSmart, the crypto arbitrage project powered by the up-and-coming RBIS token.

Key Facts in Its Favor:


  • A Strong Record


ArbiSmart has a proven track record for reliability and security. Firstly, the project has a clean history with no instances of hacks, fraud, or legal issues. It is also fully EU licensed, ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements that include tough data security protocols, anti-money laundering measures, external auditing, client capital protections and ID verification.

The project also has a record of consistent growth. In 2020, year-over-year growth stood at 150% and the community has grown substantially since then, with client acquisition rising even during the recent bear market.  This is in large part due to the RBIS token’s primary utility- automated crypto arbitrage.


  • Low Risk, High Returns


Crypto arbitrage is a trading strategy that involves benefiting from brief periods in which a cryptocurrency is available across multiple exchanges simultaneously, at different prices. These temporary price differences occur because of disparities in trading volume and liquidity between exchanges of varying sizes. 

ArbiSmart’s algorithm is connected to nearly 40 exchanges, which it scans day and night, tracking hundreds of coins to find short-term price differences. It then automatically buys the cryptocurrency at the lowest possible price and instantly sells on the exchange with the highest price to generate annual yields of up to 45%.

Whether the crypto market is experiencing an upturn or a downturn you will keep earning a reliable profit because price differences across exchanges will continue to occur with the same consistency even in a bear market. As a result, ArbiSmart offers a valuable hedge – a way to stop further losses in a crash, or safeguard your capital gains in a rally, while earning a steady, generous passive income from crypto arbitrage.

As well as crypto arbitrage profits ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year, (or 0.9% to 3.75% a month), based on your account level, you’ll also be receiving compound interest. 

If you opt for a closed savings account, where your funds are locked for a pre-set timeframe, you can earn additional passive profits of up to  1% a day, at the highest account levels.

You’ll also be making capital gains on the steady upward trajectory of the RBIS token which has already gone up by 450% and is projected to reach 40 times its current value by the end of 2023. 


  • Upcoming Milestones


These rosy projections for the RBIS token are partly based on the project’s busy development roadmap. In Q4 of this year, RBIS will be listed on exchanges, which should raise the price substantially. 

In addition, some significant upgrades to the system architecture, have been scheduled for Q4 2021. The final quarter of this year, and Q1 of 2022, will also see some valuable new RBIS utilities, including an interest-bearing wallet and a crypto credit card. 

Another important factor to consider is that as the ArbiSmart community grows, and demand increases for the token, the supply of RBIS will remain permanently limited to 450 million.

As we can see, with ArbiSmart, you can generate high, steady passive profits from your Bitcoin and Ethereum with crypto arbitrage, as well as additional revenues from the rising value of the RBIS token, which is on track to soar in price over the coming months.

So, why not put your Bitcoin to work already? Join ArbiSmart now

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