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A Bitcoin/Ethereum Wallet Recovery Service


There is a professional service for institutional entities and private clients that allows you to recover access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrency wallets is called KeychainX, a Wallet Recovery Service.

KeychainX, a Wallet Recovery Service

It’s called KeychainX, and it serves to try to recover lost passwords from wallet.dat, blockchain.com, MyEtherWallet.com (MEW), or MyCrypto (JSON file). 

It also allows you to try to recover access to your computer, phone, or hardware wallet by analyzing the problem that caused the data loss in an attempt to recover it, or to recover tokens sent incorrectly, such as BCHs sent to a Bitcoin wallet, or USDTs sent to an ERC20 wallet. 

The goal, of course, is to recover the private keys that allow the tokens to be moved, but these keys can be saved in different forms. Therefore, additional tools are needed to find them once lost, often searching through a large amount of data. 

The service also provides brute-force algorithms for reconstructing private keys with missing characters or incomplete seeds. 

Generally, we proceed with custom designs for customers’ needs because each problem requires a specific analysis to search for a particular solution. 

KeychainX PRO provides comprehensive services to institutional clients and works with cryptocurrency issuers, exchanges, exchange bureaus, hardware and software wallet software providers, or technology infrastructure providers related to private key management. However, it also provides services to private clients. 

The lost of private keys

Unfortunately, the loss of private keys, seed phrases, or access to a wallet is a fairly common problem and often difficult or even impossible to resolve. In these cases, the only way is to use professional services developed for this specific purpose, leaving no stone unturned. 

In fact, if a cryptocurrency owner keeps them in a proprietary wallet, of which he exclusively owns the private keys or the seed, there is no way to recover these data in case they are lost. Therefore, you must necessarily try to find these data in such cases or reconstruct them if incomplete. 

Do-it-yourself is usually unsuccessful in such situations. The only realistic solution is to hope that specially designed professional tools will be able to find or reconstruct the lost data. 

Private keys are the only thing necessary and sufficient to move the tokens on the blockchain, so in their absence, the tokens are effectively unusable. Since every public address on which tokens are stored has its own private key, this is absolutely necessary to use them. 

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