RBIS, Arbismart’s coin Is now outperforming Bitcoin
RBIS, Arbismart’s coin Is now outperforming Bitcoin

RBIS, Arbismart’s coin Is now outperforming Bitcoin

By Crypto Advertising - 10 Sep 2021

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There is one coin which is proving to be a reliable alternative to Bitcoin and Ethereum, having grown steadily and steeply since its introduction just two years ago. RBIS, the token behind the ArbiSmart project has already risen in value by 596%, without experiencing a drop even during the recent bear market and analysts are projecting a 2000% rise by the end of 2021.

Bitcoin bull run

Bitcoin is in the middle of a bull run, with the price having risen by more than half since mid-July. While this is great news for crypto investors, 2021 has not all been smooth sailing. The price of BTC hit a peak in April of over $60K, before plummeting to around $30K. It has since recovered and is now hovering around the $50K mark but the incredible volatility of the crypto market means that the current rally could easily end in the blink of an eye.

As crypto gains greater legitimacy with broader global adoption, investors are starting to demand more consistency and the leading blue-chip coins are not necessarily always the best options in this regard.

How Arbismart and RBIS address a need of crypto investors

The utility powered by the RBIS token provides an excellent hedge against a sharp fall in crypto prices, making it a valuable addition to any digital currency portfolio. Here’s how it works:

ArbiSmart is an EU licensed crypto arbitrage platform. It generates profits by taking advantage of temporary price inefficiencies. These are brief instances where a cryptocurrency is available on various exchanges at different prices simultaneously. There can be multiple causes for these price differences, but they are commonly the result of a disparity in trading volume or liquidity between exchanges of different sizes.

Arbismart’s algorithm scans multiple exchange to find price differences between coins

ArbiSmart has an automated system that is connected to multiple exchanges, and it searches for price disparities, around the clock, on hundreds of coins at once. It instantly buys the coin on the exchange where it is available at the lowest price and then sells it, on the exchange where the price is highest, for profits of up to 45%.

Since price disparities will continue to occur as regularly as ever and generate consistent profits, even in a falling market, ArbiSmart offers a great hedge against a crash and one of the most reliable returns on investment in the crypto arena.

Passive profits start at 10.8% and go as high as 45% a year depending on the size of your deposit. Using ArbiSmart’s yield calculator you can input a chosen deposit amount and time frame and see in advance precisely how much you can expect to make per day and per year.

Arbismart’s profit calculator makes users know how much they can gain

As well as crypto arbitrage profits, platform users earn compound interest. Additionally, extra revenues of up to 1% a day can be generated by choosing to store your funds in a locked savings account, where they can’t be touched for a pre-set period.

Then, there are the capital gains earned on the ever-rising RBIS price, which in just two years has already gone up to more than five times its original value and analysts are projecting that the coin will rise to forty times its current price by 2023!

Rising demand and price appreciation of RBIS

As with Bitcoin, there is a finite supply of RBIS. The total amount that can ever be created is limited to 450M, so while demand rises, supply will remain static. In 2020, ArbiSmart year-over-year growth was 150% and since then platform usage has climbed at an accelerated rate.

RBIS is increasing its utilities across 2021

A number of new RBIS utilities are coming in the second half of 2021 and early 2022, including an interest-generating wallet, a mobile app, a crypto credit card and a yield farming program. All these additions are likely to drive up the RBIS price, as is the fact that in Q4 of 2021 the RBIS token is scheduled to be listed. Then, if you don’t already own RBIS, you will need to buy it through a crypto exchange to benefit from any of these utilities.

ArbiSmart offers a low-risk, reliable investment that is long term as opposed to speculative. It requires minimal effort and provides exceptionally high, steady profits, meaning that ArbiSmart user will not have much incentive to sell their RBIS, particularly as the price continues to rise.

If RBIS maintains its current trajectory it will keep outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you want to get in early before the fresh developments in the pipeline for the coming months  cause prices to climb much higher, you can buy RBIS here.

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